August 23, 2017

84% of Organizations Use At Least One Cloud App

Is everything moving to the cloud?

According to a recent poll by CDW, 84% of organizations say they employ at least one cloud application.

“The most commonly used cloud services are commodity applications typically offered via public cloud, such as email,” a representative for CDW tells us. “However, while many organizations are using cloud-based applications, few have a formal adoption strategy for cloud computing, with small businesses in the lowest percentage at just 21%.”

“Yet the majority of cloud users have significantly reduced annual costs by moving applications to the cloud – so what’s the hold up for small businesses?” says the rep.

“While small businesses worry most about cost in the cloud, the survey finds that 56% of small business management does not trust data security in the cloud, and 30% of small business IT teams believe their own facilities are more secure in the cloud,” the rep adds.

Still, despite these apprehensions, 35% of small businesses have already developed a written, strategic plan for the adoption of cloud computing, motivated by expected savings in the cloud – an average of 20 to 26% of their IT budgets in the next two to five years,” she says.

Google certainly wants to push organizations into the cloud with Google Apps and Chromebooks. Sales of Chromebooks haven’t been great, probably in no small part due to the rising popularity of tablets, but the company continues to push Chome OS, its cloud-based operating system designed to let you keep working on the same stuff regardless of what machine you are working on.

Break one? Lose one? No worry. Just pick up where you left off on another one. That’s the beauty of the cloud.

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  1. There have been cloud-based email systems for years. Hotmail is cloud. People are comfortable that it’s a stable technology. What is probably lagging are some of the higher-end business processes.

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