August 20, 2017

Americans Say Small Businesses Are Critical To Future of The Economy

Half of Americans believe the recent election did not affect their employment outlook at all, while the rest are split on if it helped or hurt their job prospects according to a new poll by Zogby conducted for the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).

Younger Americans have the least confidence in their job prospects, with 35 percent of 18-to-24 year olds agreeing they felt “much less confident” about their employment outlook.

Nearly 40 percent of Americans identified small businesses and 34 percent named entrepreneurs as “most critical” to the future of the U.S. economy. By contrast, only nine percent selected regulators.

America’s economic outlook does point to a clear bright spot. An overwhelming majority – 96 percent – agreed innovation is important to the future of the nation, with eight in 10 saying it was “very important.”

Americans are looking for government leaders to rein in spending, calling deficit reduction the most important measure for the future economic success of the country, a belief that cut across political parties, ages, genders and ethnic groups. When asked to rank the most critical policies, 34.3 percent cited deficit reduction, followed by lower taxes (20 percent), less government regulation (13.5 percent), free markets (7.2 percent) and skilled immigration (3.7 percent).

“The clear majority of Americans recognize that innovation is critical to the strength of the U.S. economy, and that is only possible with responsible policies, such as deficit reduction,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of CEA.

“These poll results reinforce the need for an effort like our grassroots’ Innovation Movement to ensure that lawmakers create an environment that supports innovation.”

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  1.  Zig Zigler a motivational speaker says that commission salesman and entrepenuers are the backbone to our country’s economy. I believe it’s true. If we get comfortable with ourselves we lose drive. I believe that  next year we will see a growth in small businesses opening up and have success.

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