Are You Concentrating On The Largest Market of Buyers?

Do you have a small business that sells to women?

Here are some interesting stats, courtesy of Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero at, that you should consider when marketing your business, products or services:

  • 85% of all household purchases are made by women (not just food either but ALL purchases)
  • Most family incomes are dual, but the female spends 85% of the COMBINED money
  • Women buy 66% of all small consumer electronics
  • 65% of all new car purchases are made by women
  • In 2006, 3.9 million more women lived alone than men…Among this group, women were 9% more likely than men to own their homes

So if you’re not already focused on marketing and selling to women, you probably should be. Keep in mind, women do have different buying habits then men, and tend to focus more on the emotional side of buying and selling. That means the hard sales are out, and authenticity is in.

How have you changed your products, services or marketing to better appeal to women?

Thoughts on this topic in general?

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