August 18, 2017

Are You Delivering the Mobile Experience Customers Want?

Placecast recently shared findings from a Harris Interactive poll on Americans and location-based shopping. The firm found that a fair amount of consumers are interested in receiving opt-in mobile alerts from their favorite places.

"Consumers are interested in receiving alerts on their mobile phones from brands that they care about, provided they can opt-in and the messages are relevant," says Placecast.

Based on responses from the poll, 42% of 18 to 34 year olds and 33% of 35 to 44 year olds expressed some interest in receiving opt-in alerts on their cell phones from their favorite establishments. Here are a couple interesting graphs from Placecast:

Placecast graph - Types of products

Placecast graph - Impulse Purchases

According to Placecast’s findings, 9 out of 10 U.S. adults have made an impulse purchase when they were out shopping in a store based on a sale or special going on around where they were.

"There is an opportunity to influence impulse purchases using a mobile phone: nearly a quarter of adults owning cell phones (22%) make this type of impulse purchase at least once per week or more often," says Placecast. "Among women with cell phones ages 18 to 44, 27% report making at least one impulse purchase a week; among men 18 – 34, this number rises to 31%."

Small businesses should consider these numbers while considering the impact the mobile space is having on the world. Some research from Gomez, Inc. also found that a lot of customers are dissatisfied with mobile sites. This is something to keep in mind as well.

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2 Comments on Are You Delivering the Mobile Experience Customers Want?

  1. This post points out two important lessons to attract and keep customers.

    First – some customers DO want to be engaged. They want their favorite brands to reach out andkeep in touch. It makes their lives better.

    Second – businesses need to meet customers where they are (not where they want them to be).

    Great post Chris!

    Kevin Stirtz



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