August 20, 2017
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Aaron Wall is the author of SEO Book, an ebook offering the latest search engine optimization tips and strategies. From Aaron gives away free advice and search engine optimization tools. He is a regular con

Increasing Perceived Value

July 14, 2008 Aaron Wall

Rich Schefren recently interviewed Dan Ariely. The recording is freely available online here. In the call Dan highlights how companies can increase perceived value and get their customers to spend more by creating a decoy offer, which is discussed in the first chapter of his Predictibly Irrational book. The decoy […]

Your Time is Worth Paying For

June 25, 2008 Aaron Wall

Every day I still get lots of emails and phone calls asking me to answer SEO questions and how to build their businesses for free. I get far more email than I could possibly answer, but much of it is from people who place a $0 value on my time […]

Subdomain Hijacking and Protecting Your Business

April 11, 2008 Aaron Wall

A couple days ago while I was at a conference news came about that Network Solutions was hijacking unused customer subdomains to post links to their other websites. It is getting really hard to trust *many* online service providers. A big tip for new websites is to use the www […]

Conent Creation Based On Keyword Traffic

April 7, 2008 Aaron Wall

If you have a site with a large traffic stream you can use your site search data to come up with ideas on what content to create, what products to add to your store, and what keywords to bid on. Acting early on keyword data is important no matter what […]

Increasing Value is More than Just Increasing Links

March 28, 2008 Aaron Wall

Part of the reason so many people beg, borrow, and steal for search engine traffic is because so many people have the same thin business models offering the same stuff. Rather than thinking of ways to differentiate or look within for ways to increase value, we figure just getting a […]

Starting from Scratch and Competitive Advantage

February 28, 2008 Aaron Wall

Naive Excitement When you are new to the field of SEO there is a certain excitement in starting a site from scratch and growing it out into a flourishing enterprise. You ask someone to link to you and when they do you get excited. When you get cited without asking […]

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