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The Key to eCommerce Success – A Great Customer Experience
Why it makes all the difference

A lot of companies talk about creating great customer experiences, but why is that so few of them actually do? …

Social Media Lessons from Weinergate
What to do and what not to do with social media

It’s clear that social media is an effective marketing tool, but when incidents such as the recent events regarding former …

Local Businesses Find Social Media as Most Effective Marketing Channel, Says Study
Social media even beats out paid search

Even though small businesses have found social media to be effective, one of the early setbacks with it was time. …

Find New Employees with Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn could hold next hire

Hiring new employees is not an easy task. Employers want to know who their potential hires really are, but, unfortunately, …

Why You Need to Be Careful with Price Promotions
Although they can be great, they can also be harmful

Because businesses know that consumers love low prices, they often get the wrong idea about price promotions. The belief that …

Facing the Giants in Your Industry
Bigger doesn't always mean better

There has always been a rivalry between large businesses and small businesses. Large businesses seem to have all the breaks …

How to Make Your Site a Daily Hotspot
Keep consumers coming back for more

Getting consumers to come to your website can be challenging, but it’s not as difficult as some businesses make it …

How to Be Consistent in Marketing Efforts
... And why it matters

For those of us with seasonal temperatures, the winter months are usually calmer than the others, partly because the weather …

Why Social Media Is More Than Just a Fad
Proof that common objections are wrong

How long did it take you to figure out that social media wasn’t just a fad? For some businesses, it …

Are You Listening to Your Customers?
What are they saying?

Can you hear what your customers are saying? If so, that’s great. But for everyone else, are you not hearing …

How Businesses Can Capitalize on New Consumer Trends
Recent study shows consumers are spending

A new study from the National Retail Federation and BIGresearch bears good news for all. The research found that Americans …

How You Could Save This Tax Season
Reasons why this tax season might not be so bad

With the clock ticking away, tax time will be here before we know it. It’s usually a stressful time, since …

How to Build Relationships through Communities
Tips for both online and offline communities

Unless you’re a really lucky person, you’ve probably come to the realization that relationships are vital to your business. Relationships …

How to Obtain Luck in Business
Without a four-leaf clover, rabbit's foot, or Karma

Do you depend on a four-leaf clover, a rabbit’s foot, or Karma for your luck? While these "lucky charms" are …

How Large and Small Businesses Differ
Why being a small business isn't so bad after all

Have you ever worked in a corporate environment? To say it’s different from working in a small business is almost …

How a Brand Defines Your Business
3 key factors in building a strong brand
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A brand can take as long as several years to build but can be damaged, and even destroyed, by something …

The Negative Impact of Technology and How to Avoid It
4 steps to protect your business

Could you go a day without technology? I could, but it would be hard. The Digital Age has introduced us …

6 Steps to Increase Your Online Subscriptions
Tips for getting more email sign-ups

Do you willingly give your email address to a merchant? I’m going to go out on a limb and guess …

How to Barter Effectively (and Legally)
Understanding what you can and can't do

Remember back in the olden days when people would make deals like painting a house in exchange for 2 month’s …

Creating Ads That Will Turn Heads
How to attract your audience with ads

What do consumers like and dislike about ads? For advertisers, this is the million-dollar question, and most of the time, …

Making Your “About” Page Count
How optimizing your "About" page can make all the difference

When was the last time you updated your business’s "About" page? Hopefully, it has not been long because consumers visit …

5 Tips for Encouraging Innovation
How to spur innovation in your business

How is your business doing with innovation? Is it slow, or is your business pumping out innovations like Apple and …