August 23, 2017

Instagram Help Restaurants Create Customer Crave

February 24, 2017 SmallBusinessNewz

According to a post on the Instagram Business blog the number one driver of visits to restaurants is the act of craving. In advertising this simply means making people hungry for what your are selling. Restaurants love Instagram because of its visualness, its frequent use of video in posts and […]

The Google Hiring Process

February 10, 2017 SmallBusinessNewz

“Today we are going to talk about two things,” said Sean McGaughran, Engineering and Technology Recruiter at Google. “One, we are going to talk about some common Google myths and busts them and two, we are going to talk about how Google actually hires.” Visit Google’s Career Site… Busting Google […]

Salesforce Simplifying CRM for Small Businesses

February 2, 2017 SmallBusinessNewz

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, often gets small business owners eyes rolling. Saleforce recently created a simple, yet effective, video answer to that question targeted toward small businesses. What is CRM? Salesforce explains to small business why CRM is important to them. The video is a little cheesy but helpful […]

Article Submission: Thank You

May 24, 2011 SmallBusinessNewz

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