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Brian Solis is principal at FutureWorks PR, an award-winning PR and Social Media agency founded in 1999. FW PR bridges the communications gap between companies and their customers, and between products and their specific benefits for their target markets. Solis blogs at PR2.0, http://www.briansolis.com, and regularly contributes to many industry trades. He is also frequently quoted in articles relating to technology trends and Marketing/PR strategies.
The Future of Business Starts with Us
It’s changing or it should change

We are change.

Survey: Technology a Challenge and Opportunity
Two-Thirds Set Out On Their Own Path To Become The Boss

Did you know that the 23 million small businesses in America account for 54% of all U.S. sales?

The Gap Between Social Media and Business Impact
6 Stages of Social Business Transformation
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In business, social media is becoming a lot like email. Every company has it.

The 5 Pillars of New Media Strategy: There is no box!
Find The Right Answers And Put Them Into Action
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I would like to talk to the broader group of business professionals without reference to the size and shape of your company.

Forget About Social Media For A Moment. What’s Your Mobile Strategy?
Mobile Now Represents A Means To An End

Facebook hit a billion users! Twitter is the new digital water cooler! Youtube is the future of TV! Ok, you get it right?

Social Media Is Not Your Saving Grace
Social Media Isn't Going To Save Your Business Nor Is It Going To Make It

Social media experts will tell you that it is the golden key to unlocking meaningful customer relationships.

Small Business Strategy: 10 Trends to Watch
As you read this, the business landscape is shifting right under your company’s foundation.

Knowing your customer is the beginning…

A Facebook Like Does Not Equal an Opt-in
A social brand is not a social business. Read on to discover the differences.
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I’m writing this post while visiting Antwerp, Belgium as part of the Social Business Sessions I’m hosting along with The Fusion Marketing …

The Challenges Of Social Media

In business, we learn through everything we do and it influences all that we try and repeat. When something new …

Your Brand vs. the Brands You Represent

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Whether we believe it or not, everyone within an organization is at some level, responsible for Public Relations. Everything we …

Why Your Business Should Care

There’s certainly no shortage of discussions in the blogosphere that examine and spotlight companies that are listening to brand-related conversations …

New Roles for the New World of Marketing

In the era of the "new" social Web, communications is actually evolving back to its origins of communicating with people, …