August 23, 2017
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LivingSocial Opens Doors to Offline Facility

July 3, 2012 Chad Sweely

LivingSocial is a well-known coupon and daily deals site that offers its customers/viewers instant savings and deals for products and services offered by local and small businesses within the customer’s area. LivingSocial is also a big competitor to the other well-known savings site of Groupon. A long battle of competition […]

Online Retailer Implements IE7 Tax

June 14, 2012 Chad Sweely

Kogan (an online retail website where online shoppers can browse and buy tech-related products) has recently implemented a new process of getting its users to view their website with more up-to-date web browsers, so that their website can be viewed with the best productivity without running into design conflicts. The […]

How To Give Your Employees More Productivity

May 17, 2012 Chad Sweely

Do you ever feel that there is not enough time in the day, week, or month? If you do, then you are not alone. Sometimes, not enough time for work-related projects can make your employees unreliable and non-focused; however, new research from Harvard Business School has emerged that can help […]

Yandex Unveils Yandex.Money Debit Card

April 19, 2012 Chad Sweely

Yesterday, the well-known Russian Internet provider Yandex announced that they will be releasing Yandex.Money cards for their customers. Users of these new cards can acquire a free MasterCard debit card that can be tethered to their Yandex.Money account. This new system can be used to purchase items both on and […]

Top Tax Cities According To Foursquare

April 13, 2012 Chad Sweely

As we all know, the deadline to have business and individual tax forms mailed in and submitted is not too far away. With this in mind, many of us that are the procrastination kind will flee to various tax preparing companies for help for the ambiguous tax-related questions that we […]