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Don is President and founder of Expand2Web.com, which provides WordPress Websites and Local Search Marketing solutions and training for small business owners and consultants.

Don is a veteran of Silicon Valley Startup Interwoven, where he was created a $5M product line and Microsoft where he was technical evangelist for Office and Office Live. Check out his blog at http://www.expand2web.com/blog.
Customer Driven – : Why the Experience You Deliver To Your Customers Is So Important For Getting Online Reviews and Word of Mouth Referrals
Would you like more customer referrals?

Connecting with Customers

Customer Driven Online Reviews – Why They’re Critically Important for Your Business
Does getting online reviews make you nervous?

Harnessing the power of online reviews

Can Negative Reviews Help Your Business?
Tips To Help You Deal With Online Reviews
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Negative online reviews can be a scary thing for small business owners.

Why We Should All Learn To Program A Computer
Learning To Code Is Important For Three Reasons

A friend of mine who is in high school asked me – “what is one piece of advice you could give me?”

Common Business Website Mistakes
Correcting Mistakes That Severely Limit Success
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In this session of the Expand2Web Podcast, I talk with website usability expert Aaron Weiche from Spyder Trap.

Is Your Business Ready For Local And Mobile Search?
These Are Two Strategies That Are Absolutely Necessary
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With searches having local intentions, it’s critical to make the necessary changes in your business website.

Does Your Business Need A Blog?
Yes - Here's Why

A lot of small business owners are asking themselves the same question – should I have a blog for my …