August 21, 2017
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Federal Reserve Gov. Speaks Of Small Biz Improvements

April 15, 2011 Doug Caverly

This may be either a good or a bad thing, depending on your point of view, but it seems at least one person in the government believes the lot of small businesses is improving.  Federal Reserve Governor Elizabeth Duke recently indicated that a positive outlook is taking hold. As reported […]

NFIB Small Biz Optimism Index Slides In March

April 12, 2011 Doug Caverly

Anyone who thought (or at least hoped) the National Federation of Independent Business’s Small-Business Optimism Index would climb forever has unfortunately been proven wrong.  This week, the NFIB announced that the Optimism Index fell by a significant amount in March. On a month-over-month basis, the readout dropped 2.6 points to […]

NSBA Calls For Tax Reform

April 11, 2011 Doug Caverly

With the aid of a program like TurboTax, some people are able to gather together fewer than a dozen pieces of paper and finish their taxes in around an hour.  But small business owners often aren’t nearly so lucky, as the results of a new survey from the National Small […]

CFIB Business Barometer Holds Steady In March

April 8, 2011 Doug Caverly

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business has announced an update to its Business Barometer Index, and – in a good way – the change is insignificant.  Only a slight dip registered despite elections and the crises in the Middle East and Japan. The Index just slipped from 69.4 in February […]

NASE Warns Of Gov’t Shutdown’s Effect On Small Biz

April 7, 2011 Doug Caverly

A partial shutdown of America’s government is an interesting – and controversial – concept.  Some people seem to be half looking forward to it (Conan O’Brien joked that he’ll immediately park in a loading zone), while others are more worried.  And the National Association of the Self-Employed falls into the […]

Privacy Policy Option For Small Businesses Announced

April 6, 2011 Doug Caverly

The average small business customer may not give much thought to privacy when dealing with a firm.  Or the customer may even feel he or she’s safer than usual, since a human being, and not some error-prone system, is more likely to handle info.  Still, there’s a new privacy-related offering […]

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