August 18, 2017
About Jacopo Mauri
Natural born communicator. With a huge expertise as freelance journalist (in a mixed background related to Hi-Tech, new-Tech and entertainment topics). Experienced marketer, joined Marketing Dept. of big companies like Nintendo, then Microsoft's official street marketing agency. He now owns a small event and editorial-related company. His main focus is on Docebo’s marketing activities.

Docebo Company Profile

In the E-learning market since 2005, Docebo provides its Docebo Learning Management System, already selected and used by more than 5.000 organizations worldwide. Docebo is an E-Learning Software “As a service”, enabling organizations of all sizes to plan, deliver and certify online and classroom training activities. The main products (Docebo Cloud and Docebo Premium) are designed for both SMBs (Small and Medium businesses), Enterprise and Non-Corporate customers (K12, Online Universities, Government agencies, Non-Profit organizations).

SMBs Need E-Learning “Services” Not “Products”

October 10, 2012 Jacopo Mauri

Software and technologies are designed to support companies while facing business challenges. But what if the (supposed) solution generates new problems related to costs, time and actual software usage? It sounds clear that, according to this scenario, the advantages cannot be appreciated, especially if we consider that companies are often […]