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Lee Odden is the CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, a provider of innovative Internet marketing consulting for progressive B2B companies ranging from Marketo to PRWeb to McKesson. Odden has been recognized for his expertise with enterprise social media, SEO and content marketing strategies by The Economist, Advertising Age and Mashable. He writes a monthly column called Social Media Smarts for ClickZ and his blog at TopRankBlog.com has an active community with over 46,000 subscribers, 12,000 Facebook Fans and has been rated the #1 Content Marketing blog 3 times by Junta42. He is also the Author of "Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing" published by Wiley.
Don’t Let Your Small Business Become Mediocre
Set clear expectations of performance

Create and communicate a strong company vision

The Benefits of Switching from All SEO Marketing to Social & Content
The Shift from SEO to Social Influencer Content

Using tools like Traackr, Buzzsumo and Followerwonk

Listen to Your Customers When Writing Your Marketing Content

For experienced marketers it’s no surprise that understanding the motivations of buyers and what influences them can be instrumental for creating …

Topic Targeting Is The Best Answer To Most Problems
How do you want to be known?

Anticipation is a gateway to topical authority

Should You Still Be Writing Business Blogs?
State of Blogging

Everybody’s blogging

Strategies For Implementing Influencer Marketing Programs
What are Influencers and what is Influencer Marketing?

Putting A Co-Created Influencer Content Marketing Program in Action

Create More Meaningful Content and Enjoy The Profits
Understand Globally, Communicate Locally

Literally and figuratively.

Measure and Optimize Your Content Marketing Performance
How will our marketing attract the right audience?

How will we convert engaged members?

Breakdown of Social Media Marketing in 2014
92% of marketers say social media is important for their business

Top Goals and Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Optimize Your Marketing Efforts With This Online Marketing Audit
An increasing number of companies feel they have a solid content marketing strategy and tactical mix in place.

Optimize and Socialize”

Strategic Approaches to Social Media Marketing
Strategy before tactics vs. Tactics

Where is Social Media Going?

Why You Should Optimize For Customers And Not Search Engines
Acknowledge That Change Is Needed

Companies have become frustrated with the lack of cause and effect data from their SEO programs.

Social Media Participation — A View Of The Bigger Picture
Think Of Participation In Terms Of A Story

Social media technologies and platforms are now everywhere internet connectivity exists.

When Should You Start Building Your Social Networks?
No Marketing Effort Should Begin Without A Plan
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During a neighborhood gathering I met a small business owner and he proceeded to tell me his troubles.

Small Business Q&A On SEO And Content Marketing
A Conversation With Chamber Of Commerce Executives
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There’s so much information being produced and promoted plus a growing array options for consuming content that standing out can be a real challenge.

Integrate SEO, Social Media & Content Marketing Into Your Business
Start Small And Be Specific
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Many small businesses have implemented a variety of efforts to attract new customers and increase overall sales.

4 Steps For Small Business Blogs To Get Big Results
Has Social Media And SEO Leveled The Playing Field?

Businesses of all sizes often struggle to find high impact, low cost methods of attracting and engaging customers.

Online Essentials All Small Business Marketers Should Know
Options Require Filtering And Prioritization When Marketing
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Many entrepreneurs are grappling with the realities of how to market.

3 Tips For Blog Promotion on the 5 Major Social Networks
To see a return on your blog promotion effort, you must invest!
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Track news to curate, comment on other blogs and sites

Building Trust & Credibility In 7 Steps
Here Are A Few Practical Social Media Tips
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Interest in scaling social media sales has increased significantly over the past year and in 2013 it be even more so.

Uncovering The Truth About Social Media Marketing
What Other Topic Has Caused More Debate Than Social Media?

Marketing trends come and go, but what other “shiny object” topic has caused more debate than social media?

Using Social Media To Launch New Products
How Do We Get People To Buy?

Budding entrepreneurs with minds full of ambition and great ideas turn their understanding of a consumer or business problem within a market into a new product or service solution.