August 23, 2017
About Mark Schaefer
Executive Director Mark Schaefer has 28 years of global sales and marketing experience and advanced degrees in business and applied behavioral sciences. He is an award-winning business writer, university lecturer and innovator, receiving seven international patents for new product ideas with Fortune 100 companies. He teaches at Pellissippi State College in Knoxville and serves as an adjunct professor of marketing at Rutgers University.

Six Ways To Create Great Content In Just 15 Minutes A Day

June 12, 2012 Mark Schaefer

Let’s face it. Content development can be a complicated, time-consuming, and expensive proposition! So I started thinking about this in the context of my friends and small business customers who simply can’t afford that kind of effort.  It led to this idea: micro-content, or creating small bits of marketing content […]

Everything You Wanted To Know About Twitter Chats

May 8, 2012 Mark Schaefer

I’ve been very active on Twitter for about four years now and I would say the aspect that has changed the most in that time is the explosive popularity of Twitter Chats.  Twitter Chats have become an important networking and sales tool. In fact, you can even make money off […]

Key to digital marketing success?

November 23, 2011 Mark Schaefer

One of the things that distinguishes me in the world of social media blogging is that I am old … at least old enough to remember how things used to be before we were digitally tracked, sliced, diced, priced, immersed, consumed, and tethered to these social platforms. I was working in […]

The Business Case For Facebook, In One Sentence

October 6, 2011 Mark Schaefer

What is the most-debated question in social media today?  One candidate is, “Should my company have a Facebook page?” The tension comes from several angles. It could be due to: •The company is not culturally-ready to deal with comments from real people. •The company has whacked-out expectations about how sales will increase once they […]

Three Reasons Social Media Marketing Favors Small Businesses

September 22, 2011 Mark Schaefer

I’ve spent some time this week attending a few online webinars and catching up on my blog reader and I noticed an interesting trend. The conversations, research, presentations, and case studies focused entirely on large corporations. For example, I sat through a Forrester presentation on new social web marketing analytics and […]