August 20, 2017
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Management Style Comparison from a Musical Conductor

May 15, 2008 Robert Scoble

This is my favorite thing that I filmed on my trip to Israel a few weeks back for What is it? It’s a session at the Kinnernet event (which is Yossi Vardi’s famous annual event that attracts geeks and entrepreneurs from around the world to spend a weekend hearing […]

A Lesson in Real Business Leadership

March 13, 2008 Robert Scoble

I’ve met and interviewed hundreds of CEOs and, while you get a sense with many of them that they have leadership skills — after all, why are they CEO if they don’t — it’s rare that you hear a story that so clearly defines a real business leader. Yesterday I […]

Great Tips For Startups

December 27, 2007 Robert Scoble

ReadWriteWeb has 36 great tips for startups. One thing I’d add to that list: make sure you use every tool you can to help get your story out. The startups that have gotten the best reputation with bloggers have been the ones that show up to conferences and little events […]