July 21, 2017
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Target Impulse Shoppers via Mobile

April 7, 2009 SmallBusinessNewz

Even the recession can’t dampen the impulsiveness of some consumers. According to retail consulting firm Miller Zell , the vast majority still make unplanned purchases and over half of them are doing so while standing in the aisles. The world is in financial turmoil and jobs are less secure, but […]

Social Media Marketing Takes Time

March 26, 2009 SmallBusinessNewz

It’s great that so many marketers are embracing social media, but instant results aren’t on the cards and commitment is key. The length of time a business has been using social media, along with the number of hours given over to its implementation and management, could directly affect the end […]

Social networks/Blogs Overtake Email in Global Popularity

March 10, 2009 SmallBusinessNewz

It seems Internet users are more likely to send you a poke than an email these days as Nielsen reveals that social networking has overtaken email in popularity. Nielsen’s latest survey, "Global Faces and Networked Places" (.pdf), found that over two-thirds (66.8%) of the global online population spend time at […]

Study Finds eCommerce Can be Eco-friendly

March 5, 2009 SmallBusinessNewz

A study into the environmental impact of a purchase at a brick-and-mortar store versus an online retailer found that online shopping is helping to save the planet. Online shopping is convenient and cost-saving and, according to The Green Design Unit at Carnegie Mellon University, it’s also green. Their case study, […]

Consumers Crave Facts to Make Buying Decisions

March 2, 2009 SmallBusinessNewz

Consumers aren’t finding enough information in ads to prompt them to purchase, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal. Instead, they are spending their time searching out information online via blogs and review sites, doing as much research for shampoo as they would for property. Writing in the […]

Using Podcasts For Recruiting

January 25, 2008 SmallBusinessNewz

When recruiting job prospects, it may never occur to an employer to use a podcast. But some say job podcasts are the next step in interactive recruitment, especially if the goal is to find tech-savvy, on-the-cutting-edge employees. AllCountyJobs is a company that is betting on the new trend of "jobcasting" […]

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