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Study: How Our Eyes Look at Facebook’s Timeline vs. The Old Layout
Plus, tips for using Timeline

Facebook and changes, a story that never gets old. As a matter of fact, Facebook seems to be a huge …

Connected, An Excellent CRM Tool For Small Businesses

Are you looking for an easy-to-use application to manage your contacts from different mediums? Is organizing your customers contact information …

Consumers more likely to shop in store rather than online
Why Spend More When You Can Save Money Online?

In a telephone survey conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs of 1,001 adults in the US, 87% of the respondents plan …

Consumers Paying Less for Gifts This Year
Only 7% plan to spend more this year.

The holiday season is coming soon, and consumers are going to start shopping even sooner. PriceGrabber survey indicates that 45% …

AdWords Lets Businesses Track Calls From Mobile Sites
New metric introduced

Thanks to web-enabled mobile devices, mobile advertising has been on the rise. Many businesses are integrating mobile ads into their …