August 23, 2017
About Steven Bradley
Steven Bradley is a web designer and search engine optimization specialist. Known to many in the webmaster/seo community by the username vangogh, he is the author of TheVanBlog, which focuses on how to build and optimize websites and market them online.

Optimize Your Landing Pages and Maximize Conversion Rates

April 14, 2008 Steven Bradley

In order to maximize the success of a landing page you must have a clear methodology and process in place. Invesp’s conversion framework provides a blueprint to the construction of your landing page. The conversion framework has allowed us to see an average of 14.56% and 238% increases in conversion […]

An Attempt to Simplify Marketing

March 12, 2008 Steven Bradley

Shortly after the successful launch of my first site and its associated celebration I had the sense of “now what?” The question wasn’t unique to me as one of the more common questions I see new site owners asking in forums is “how do I market my site?” Not an […]

Using Video to Market Yourself

March 7, 2008 Steven Bradley

This morning I came across a couple of videos I thought I’d share as examples of how to use video to market yourself. Both videos are low tech and can easily be produced by anyone assuming you have a video camera. Twitter in Plain English The first video comes from […]

There’s No Better Marketing Strategy than Branding

January 28, 2008 Steven Bradley

Regardless of age, regardless of position, regardless of the business we happen to be in, all of us need to understand the importance of branding. –Tom Peters There is no better marketing strategy than branding. If you can build a strong brand people will search specifically for you when they […]

Real Value, Perceived Value, and Your Business

December 20, 2007 Steven Bradley

 Which is woth more, real value or perceived value? Which is more important to your blog? To your business? Two posts about value caught my attention recently. The first is a thread from the Small Business Forum, which begins when we started we had our stuff in a barn and […]

Building Your Brand Through Social Media

November 1, 2007 Steven Bradley

 What associations do you make with social media where marketing and seo are concerned? Did you think of a site like Digg or StumbleUpon? Were you thinking about how you could get your content to the front page so first traffic and then links would flow into your site? Those […]

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