June 26, 2017

AVG, SCORE Partner For Small Business Security

Security firm AVG and small business counseling service SCORE are teaming up to keep small firms safe.  The organizations announced today that they’ve partnered for the sake of providing companies with educational resources and tools.

Don’t waste your time scanning this article for specific links; unfortunately, nothing’s been released yet.  AVG and SCORE didn’t say when they intend to start churning out stuff to help small businesses, either.

Still, Robert Gorby, Global Head of SMB Propositions at AVG, said in a statement, "This partnership will enable businesses to safely and securely expand their reach through the power of the internet, and together, we will ensure small business owners nationwide will be armed with the necessary cyber security tools and resources to safely meet their business needs."

Ken Yancey, the CEO of SCORE, also mentioned cyber security workshops and e-guides if you’re curious about the specifics.

Hopefully all this will be available for free.  If not, the cost should be minimal, considering that AVG’s basic security software is given away without charge.

We’ll keep an eye out for updates, and here are links to the AVG and SCORE sites if you feel compelled to do the same or would just like more info.

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  1. Cyber security is often overlooked by start-up and small business owners, as the majority of their focus is on the set-up and day-to-day running and growth of their business.

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