May 2, 2016

BBC Finds Confident Small Business Owners

Positive reports have gotten harder and harder to find over the past few months; there have been times when it seemed one-sentence articles with titles like "Times Still Suck" would suffice for an update.  But fresh from the BBC is a piece showing that things are pretty good for some small business owners.

The BBC has been following the owners of ten small firms.  Between November and December, three of them claimed to gain confidence in their businesses.  Even as two lost confidence and five felt about the same, this left nine out of the ten owners reporting at least a seven on a ten-point scale.

Assuming these individuals weren’t handpicked for having extremely sunny outlooks, that’s fantastic given the circumstances.  They represent a range of business sectors and different regions in the UK.

Even what’s troubling the business owners is somewhat encouraging.  Four of them cited issues relating to banks, which is what so many people and organizations in the UK are concentrating on fixing.  And one’s even worried about finding qualified employees, which implies that his company will expand.

The BBC report definitely represents a nice change of pace.  Let’s hope it starts a sunny new trend.

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