August 18, 2017

BBC Finds Confident Small Business Owners

Positive reports have gotten harder and harder to find over the past few months; there have been times when it seemed one-sentence articles with titles like "Times Still Suck" would suffice for an update.  But fresh from the BBC is a piece showing that things are pretty good for some small business owners.

The BBC has been following the owners of ten small firms.  Between November and December, three of them claimed to gain confidence in their businesses.  Even as two lost confidence and five felt about the same, this left nine out of the ten owners reporting at least a seven on a ten-point scale.

Assuming these individuals weren’t handpicked for having extremely sunny outlooks, that’s fantastic given the circumstances.  They represent a range of business sectors and different regions in the UK.

Even what’s troubling the business owners is somewhat encouraging.  Four of them cited issues relating to banks, which is what so many people and organizations in the UK are concentrating on fixing.  And one’s even worried about finding qualified employees, which implies that his company will expand.

The BBC report definitely represents a nice change of pace.  Let’s hope it starts a sunny new trend.

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4 Comments on BBC Finds Confident Small Business Owners

  1. My friends with their own businesses are doing much better financially than my friends that work at big businesses, for a few reasons:

    1. They have more capital built up because its needed to run their business

    2. Lots of big businesses are doing horribly right now – think scale-intensive industries with big paychecks like autos and finance – lots of formerly high-paid folks have lost their jobs and had their bonuses cut

    3. The business owner is insulated from an income cut – they can always cut costs and reduce employees before taking a hit to their personal income

    So, maybe it is not that small business owners are doing well, but rather that they are doing *comparatively* well relative to their friends with ordinary jobs at big businesses.

  2. No matter how hard things are in the business world, as a small business owner you have more control over your personal circumstances. I’m old enough to have been through several recessions. And never again will it be with a big company. In the corporate world they lose focus. Instead of focussing on customers and creating value its about endless meetings to cut costs.

  3. Perhaps Gordon Brown is not too aware of the harsh realities that are kicking in outside of the BBC report on a mere 10 businesses. It does seem a bit absurd to merely ask people to just smile, and be confident, and all will just take an upturn suddenly.

    Energy security, underpins the foundation of EVERY economy across the globe, and affects absolutely every cost known to mankind..whether its a paperclip, or a Ferrari. S, you see world leaders slipping around in oil , and ready to point the finger of blame at others. All are good at bickering, but not ONE can provide an iron solution.

    As they press forward with ludicrous stimulus plans that actually lack any regenerative component, they all move the globe closer to the edge of fuller economic catastrophe. Do you really think the great economic powerhouse of China can stem the downturn? Watch closely over the next few months, and you’ll see it eventually emerge that growth will actually fall closer to 0%, within a really rapid space of time.

    Eloquent political statements, and statesmanlike prowess, is what President Obama hinges his ‘plan’ on, but unfortunately political prowess does not equal to ‘solid economic solution’. His financial plan, in its current state,will only serve to cement the economic and social fall of USA.

    When the world’s finest economists,professors, scientists and commentators have all been found to have been totally futile,and their every attempt confounded, then perhaps the hearing of world leaders will improve.

    The clock is running down pretty fast,and the economic toolboxes are really empty. Economists flirt with fire,and continually throw taxpayers,and ‘borrowed’ money, onto an economic bonfire. Do you think treasuries are infinite? NO – bankruptcy follows.

    Do you think its possible to produce more than 1000x the yield of wind and solar power in a clean, carbon free method? Or does your thinking end, with only the renewable methods known to the globe?

    Numerous governments, received numerous communications. Strangely enough, perhaps they are on another plane of wisdom where only their useless rhetoric seems like ‘answers’ , only to themselves.

    As with many other incidents in history, governments are many times contacted, and warned about disasters and politely asked to respond – but warnings, and solutions are mostly ignored, until full and finite disasters really occur.


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