August 21, 2017

Businesses Planning More Web Investments

I talked recently about how eCommerce may be a good route to go in an era where gas is nearly $4 a gallon, giving customers the option of not having to drive to your store to purchase your products. I also said that things like web design, SEO and online marketing have probably never been more important.

It appears that many see it the same way, if the results from a recent survey conducted by are any indication. The survey which polled their small business customers on web strategy trends revealed that most intend to make additional investments in web design, SEO, and email marketing over the next year.

"Having a website has become more than a luxury for small businesses and entrepreneurs, it is a necessity" as CEO Larry Kutscher puts it.

Interesting stats from the survey include:

– 55% of respondents have registered more than one domain name for their business

– 41% saw more than a quarter of their total revenue from web sales

– 20% don’t know how much revenue they are getting through their site

– Approximately 70% of the respondents don’t expect their web revenue to decline despite economic conditions. (34.6% expect more revenue / 34.5% expect about the same revenue)

– When asked, "What area of technology are you most likely to invest in over the next year?" The top there answers were: website design (53%), SEO (43%), and email marketing (41%).

Do you plan to make significant investments in your site? Hopefully you’re not one of those neglecting it entirely.

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