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4 Non-measurable actions every business should take
Respond to consumers online

Post quality social media content

New Facebook Feature Helps Businesses With Customer Service
Facebook has a new customer service feature for businesses pages

Page admins can also reportedly search through their existing saved replies

Why you need a customer service response road map
Customers Expect the Best, Right NOW

Seek Out Complaints

Mobile will disrupt your industry: 3 ways to protect your business

How important is mobile for marketing your business in 2015? If you’ve read any of my past posts, you should …

Don’t Let Your Small Business Become Mediocre
Set clear expectations of performance

Create and communicate a strong company vision

Square Expands ‘Square Cash’ To Business Level Processing
Individuals aren’t the only ones who don’t like checks

ou can claim a $Cashtag in the Square Cash app or by going to cash.me.

60 Ways to Screw Up the Customer Experience
How people become aware of your business and brand

Every business loves referrals

Small Business Franchises Projected To Spend 1/2 Of Their Ad Budgets Online
Franchises are one of the most distinctive SMB segments

Many franchise SMBs work with digital or advertising agencies

Do you have a 3D editorial calendar?
Plan ahead

Integrate the different elements of your marketing

The Tech Trends For Small Business in 2015
Internet of Things

Remember when QR codes were the latest, greatest thing?