The Most Affordable Facebook Management Dashboards For Small Businesses

Facebook marketing has become a bit tricky in the past couple of years. Once fairly straightforward, the business-minded brains behind …

Small business owners: 5 ways to go on vacation and not feel guilty about It

Small business owners are never really off the clock. In 2014, the majority of small business owners did not take …

How True Authority Is Actually Gained


The idea of authority has gotten a great deal of attention in business circles the last few years. People who …

Topic Targeting Is The Best Answer To Most Problems
How do you want to be known?

Anticipation is a gateway to topical authority

3 Easy ways to boost your productivity
Limit the number of people you follow on social networks

Technology makes it easier than ever to get things done.

Do you make these 7 mistakes with your blog?
Have something to say, which is worth reading

Turn up regularly

Customer Driven – : Why the Experience You Deliver To Your Customers Is So Important For Getting Online Reviews and Word of Mouth Referrals
Would you like more customer referrals?

Connecting with Customers

5 Things You Know But Don’t Do Enough
Remember How It Was In The Beginning

I travel all around this world and speak to thousands and thousands of small business owners about the challenges of growing a business.

4 ways to keep a blog on schedule
The very first way to remain on schedule is to CREATE a schedule.

Running and maintaining a successful business blog takes time, time a busy business owner like yourself usually doesn’t have.

What I Know for Sure About Leadership
Nothing Really Happens Without True Leadership

I’ve learned a great deal about leadership in the process of trying to build a business.

Should Employees Have Freedom at Work?
Flexibility Is Something That Many Value More Than Pay

Someone asked a very interesting question about employees having too much freedom.

How to Make Sure You’re Delivering Quality Customer Service
Have you ever been disappointed in the quality of something you purchased?

We all know that it’s the unhappy customers that complain.

Is AirPR the future of public relations for small businesses?
Is It To Good To Be True?

A couple weeks ago I stumbled upon an interesting–and new–concept in the world of PR.

Be Your Own Boss, Not The Most Expensive Employee
Avoid The "I Can Do It Myself" Virus

Ninety-seven dollars for that? Heck, I can find the information for free on the interwebs.

What If Your Customers Were Actually People?
Using Customer Personas

I think it’s pretty easy to get caught up in marketing speak when it comes to customers.

Do the research. Interpret it. Make the decision. Take action!
The Pattern With The Successful Decision Makers

Here’s a very quick tip, to help you turn your feedback or research, into results.

How To Improve Your Focus For Small Biz Success
Start With The Basics
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As I watch our athletes compete on the world stage I’m astounded by the level of dedication they needed to …

How To Use Fifteen Minutes a Day to Create a Culture of Accountability
To keep commitment high you need to install a systematic approach to meetings

It’s great to have a plan. Even better to charge out and begin to execute the plan. But, to keep …

How To Make Better Decisions
And massively more progress!

Today’s post is about how to make better decisions and how to improve your decision making process. Decision making can not …

How To Give Your Employees More Productivity
Harvard Business School publishes study on how to keep coworkers motivated
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Do you ever feel that there is not enough time in the day, week, or month? If you do, then …

Are You Listening to Your Customers?
What are they saying?

Can you hear what your customers are saying? If so, that’s great. But for everyone else, are you not hearing …

How You Could Save This Tax Season
Reasons why this tax season might not be so bad

With the clock ticking away, tax time will be here before we know it. It’s usually a stressful time, since …