August 20, 2017


Business Plan Part 8: Financial Plan

April 10, 2009 Abby Johnson

The Financial Plan of your Business Plan is a very important section. It is placed second to the last because it is made of data from the sections. Before you write this section, you should sit down with your accountant, financial advisor, or CFO and outline the financial structure of […]

Marketing Tips for Limited Budgets

April 8, 2009 Abby Johnson

As businesses cut back on their spending, budgets are being cut across the board. This however, does not mean that businesses should desert all their business strategies until the economy comes back. As reported in the video below, there are 5 low-cost marketing tactics that businesses can effectively integrate during […]

Business Plan Part 7: Management Team

April 3, 2009 Abby Johnson

The purpose of this section is to provide evidence that the management is more than capable to operate according to the laid out business model. As seen in the video below, the Management Team section needs to be written for your specific business needs. For example, if your business is […]

Business Plan Part 6: Competitive Analysis

March 27, 2009 Abby Johnson

Before you write the Competitive Analysis portion of your Business Plan, you must  first conduct a thorough investigation of your competition. Your research must persuade the readers (AKA potential investors) that your business offerings will benefit consumers in a way that your competitors can’t or won’t. As discussed in the […]

Finding Acceptance in the Business Sector

March 25, 2009 Abby Johnson

The majority of the time large businesses take the spotlight away from small businesses, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Small and large businesses have a relationship similar to that of older and younger siblings. The younger sibling always wants to gain acceptance from the older sibling and […]

Creating a Marketing Calendar

March 17, 2009 Abby Johnson

Although many people use the words "time" and "money" interchangeably, I think the majority of people would sacrifice a little bit of time for extra money. Planning takes time but it does produce benefits. In the video below, SmallBusinessNewz takes a look at how planning a marketing calendar can increase […]

Making Fresh Ventures Cost Less

February 13, 2009 Doug Caverly

Maybe the recession has pushed you towards an entirely new line of business, or maybe you’re just thinking about expanding upon whatever your company currently offers.  Either way, beginning something fresh can be expensive, and some suggestions for cutting startup costs may come in handy. Karen E. Klein received a […]

SBMU: Bringing Small Business Marketing Together

February 4, 2009 Abby Johnson

Small business marketing covers a lot of area. It involves both offline and online marketing principles. It also includes advertising, publicity, promotion, sales, social media, and the list goes on and on. In the above video, Christina "CK" Kerley interviews Rachel Phillips about the Small Business Marketing Unleashed conference series. […]

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