How to Prevent Mistakes in Business
Take a proactive approach
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How does your business handle mistakes? More often than not, businesses let small mistakes slide, or don’t pay attention to …

Making Profitability a Priority in Business
Success depends on it

What is your business’s first priority? Though it may sound a bit selfish, profitability needs to be first. When you …

Protecting Your Brand Online
How to avoid social media terrorism
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What comes to your mind when you think of social media terrorism? When most people think of terrorism, they think …

Are You Preventing Your Own Business Growth?
How you can make sure you're not.
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It’s awful to think the you could be the reason that your business isn’t growing, but unfortunately, the internal structure …

Giving Your Business a Dose of Passion
Need one?

One of the primary ingredients for starting a business is to have a strong passion for whatever the business is …

Why Deadlines Are Important for Business
Are you keeping tight deadlines?

With the holidays upon us, everyone has deadlines to meet. But do you incorporate deadlines into the regular business routine …

Should You Franchise?
A few factors to consider

Deciding whether or not to franchise your business is a very difficult choice. However, it is a decision that many …

Part 2: Holiday Trends for 2009
Tips for both retailers and consumers
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As evidenced in our previous article on the first 5 holiday trends for 2009, the economy is still greatly impacting …

Part 1: Holiday Trends for 2009
What you can expect this holiday shopping season

It’s hard to believe that it’s already time to start holiday shopping. According to the recent National Retail Federation’s 2009 …

Setting Goals for Success
A.K.A. SMART Goals
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Sometimes goals are like New Year’s resolutions — they don’t get very far. With business goals however, it is important …

How Well Do You Know Your Competition?
The more you know, the better off you'll be.

It really is true that in order to be successful in your business, you have to know your competition very …

Finding a Suitable Business Venture
Any ideas?

Quite often, people assume that entrepreneurs always have a plan or direction, but that isn’t always the case. It is …

Which One: Brick and Mortar or Online Store?
More importantly, what do your customers prefer?
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How do decide between shopping at a physical location and shopping online? For some, the decision is based on convenience …

Utilizing Business Delegation
How delegation can improve your business

As defined by, delegation is "the assignment to others of the authority for particular functions, tasks and decisions." It …

Social Media Translating to Business Productivity
The Evolving Technology of Social Networks

Today I wanted to share an interesting video from Nokia’s Ideas Project website, where Adina levin, VP Products and co-founder …

Customers And Product Design
Letting the one influence the other can pay off

Go to the car dealership of a top luxury brand – or at least go to the car configurator tool …

Is a New Business Offering Always Good?
Find out how you can know

It is hard to know what is best for your business. Unfortunately, with every good idea comes several bad. So, …

Gaining Repeat Customers
Through Customer Loyalty

According to the global loyalty marketing agency, ICLP, customer loyalty is "the totality of feelings or attitudes that would incline …

Accepting Cash, Checks, and Credit Cards
What you need to know

These days, a business almost has to offer multiple methods for payments. As discussed in the video below, a business …

Take Your Business on the Road
Go mobile!
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Did you ever get ice cream from a mobile ice cream truck when you were a kid? These days you …

It Starts with a “Great” Idea…
But it definitely doesn't end there

If every "great idea" became a business, how many businesses do you think we would have? We would likely have …

Got a Business Lawyer?
How Legal Protection Could Save Your Business

Most small business owners do not think about legal protection unless a problem arises. There is however, a better defense …