Nurturing virtual teams in the 21st century


In my days as Public Affairs Director at CAA Ontario, I coordinated a remote team.  Not only was the team …

How to Boost Your Facebook Marketing Effectiveness

Early this year, Facebook once more changed their algorithm. This impacts the way posts are distributed in friend feeds, and …

Should You Be Using Periscope?

Just when you think you’ve sussed all the social media platforms and latest marketing gadgets and gizmos, something else comes …

Does Your Content Marketing Pass the Mom Test?

Today, I had the honor of delivering a keynote address to more than 3,000 content marketers at the Content Marketing …

The Difference Between Marketing and Growth

I find that the word marketing is burdened with a tremendous volume of confusion. For some, marketing is branding, while …

How to get your marketing noticed

Today’s post is all about how to attract more sales or enquiries. Their are 2 types of marketing that get …

How to get your marketing noticed
Different approaches lead to different results

How to turn things around

3 Critical H’s of Successful Web Marketing
Hunkering Down

Heavy Analysis

5 Ways to Make Trust Your Most Important Marketing Asset
Your rep on the street

Who you hang out with

Facebook Creative Shop Adds New Tools for SMB’s
Small and midsized businesses are vital for the Facebook community

Creative Tips

Why Your Brand Must Own a Single Word
Decide on owning a word

Decisions need a filter

Is Your Voice Matching Your Product?
Factors that will affect your tone of voice

Who you are and what you stand for

Why your marketing isn’t working and how to fix it!
Bankable results

Businesses are the same

9 ways to reboot your digital marketing for the new year
Here are 9 ways to refresh your digital marketing for 2015.

Audit your customer databases and email lists.

Matt Cutts Explains The Most Common SEO Mistake
When Matt Cutts speaks everyone sits up and listens.

Why should they?

4 Ways to Make Your Ordinary Content Epic
Use Attention-Getting Headlines

Implement Worthy Content

5 Local Search Tactics You Must Employ Today
Get the NAP right

Local profiles matter

Let the market view in
Seek out experts

Study the competitive landscape

The Benefits of Switching from All SEO Marketing to Social & Content
The Shift from SEO to Social Influencer Content

Using tools like Traackr, Buzzsumo and Followerwonk

How to Build Your Marketing Hourglass
Audit your touchpoints

Map the customer journey

Listen to Your Customers When Writing Your Marketing Content

For experienced marketers it’s no surprise that understanding the motivations of buyers and what influences them can be instrumental for creating …

4 AdWeek marketing lessons for small businesses
Expand Your Audience

Try New Things – and Fail Sometimes