August 18, 2017


The Post-EMV Friendly Fraud Epidemic

May 12, 2016 Manav Gupta

A recent report by CBS showed that 86 percent of consumer chargebacks are deliberate. This is a growing trend of friendly fraud—where consumers make a purchase online and then request a chargeback from the issuing bank after receiving the goods or services they ordered. Instances of friendly fraud tend to […]

Online Retailer Implements IE7 Tax

June 14, 2012 Chad Sweely

Kogan (an online retail website where online shoppers can browse and buy tech-related products) has recently implemented a new process of getting its users to view their website with more up-to-date web browsers, so that their website can be viewed with the best productivity without running into design conflicts. The […]

Yandex Unveils Yandex.Money Debit Card

April 19, 2012 Chad Sweely

Yesterday, the well-known Russian Internet provider Yandex announced that they will be releasing Yandex.Money cards for their customers. Users of these new cards can acquire a free MasterCard debit card that can be tethered to their Yandex.Money account. This new system can be used to purchase items both on and […]

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