Small Business Owners Rally Around Swipe Fee Reform
Small business owners push swipe fee reform in D.C.
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In an effort to ensure swipe fee reform passes Congress and is signed into law, more than 100 small business …

House Approves Tax Relief Bill For Small Businesses
Tax relief bill aims to boost small businesses

The House of Representatives has approved the "Small Business Tax Relief Act of 2010, by 247-170.  The legislation is aimed …

Consumers Plan To Increase Spending Later In 2010
Consumer spending to slowly rebound
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Just over half (52%) of U.S. consumers believe the recession will end before January 2012, according to a new report …

SBA Advises Businesses To File BP Claims Now
SBA offers loans to victims of BP spill
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The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) advises disaster victims of the Deepwater BP Oil Spill to take advantage of the …

Microsoft Issues Money-Saving Tips
Tries to put £1,000 back into small business owners' wallets
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Given the chance to earn £1,000 (about $1,600), most people would be willing to make some fairly significant changes.  But …

Small Businesses Paying Debt Quicker to Help Credit Ratings
Report Finds Small Businesses Paying Bills at Faster Rate

Business credit bureau Cortera has shared some interesting findings from its November 2009 Small Business Index (SBI) report. The report …

Survey Yields Positive Info On Product Updates, Profits
"Small businesses are keen to grow and develop"

The recession apparently hasn’t cut so deep as to completely eliminate research and development budgets.  The FSB-ICM "Voice of Small …

Phoenix Companies Contributing To Payment Problems
Name game shorts small businesses
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It’s a fact of life that businesses sometimes fail, and if one happens to fail while it still owes another …

FPB Wary Of Government Spending Cuts
Watches out for small business programs

Generally speaking, it’s hard to disapprove of government spending cuts.  Considering that so many countries are billions or trillions of …

Postal Strikes Pose Threat To Small Businesses
Many fear high costs

Once upon a time, your humble author ordered a rather large television, and for the sake of free shipping, accepted …

eBay iPhone App A Cash Machine
$400 million in merchandise sold this year

If you’ve given up on eBay and/or not embraced the mobile market, it may be time to rethink those decisions.  …

Retail Sales Up In September
Another back-from-the-brink indicator
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There was more evidence this week that the economy is recovering from the recession: Retail sales increased a bit between …

RBS Sets Up Small Business Hotline
Really wants to lend money
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It looks like the bank-small business dynamic might be changing.  After months upon months of small businesses being unable to …

2009 Holiday Forecast Not Too Bad
Much improved over last year, at least

The upcoming holiday season looks like it’ll slot into the "could be better, could be worse" category.  The National Retail …

Upcoming Webcast Should Answer Tax Questions
IRS promotes program about ARRA credits, deductions, and incentives

Every so often, an IRS representative has reached out to SmallBusinessNewz, supplying helpful notices about upcoming events.  Yesterday, we got …

Oops: Social Media ROI Going Unmeasured
Try to track benefits
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The average businessperson wouldn’t even imagine buying and selling stock without first checking shares’ prices and historical performance.  It turns …

Take Advantage Of Free Shipping Demand
Hitwise points towards peak periods
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Whether or not a company will ship a product for free really shouldn’t matter much to people; it’s the combination …

Retail Sales Rise For First Time In Six Months
Hope for the holidays

The figure of 0.7 percent may not sound like a lot, but in this instance, it’s probably a cause for …

FPB Issues Good News/Bad News Lending Report
Banks may share money, but want lots in return

We’ll let you be the judge of whether this qualifies as good news, but a new report indicates that banks …

Small Firms Sometimes Face Four-Month Wait For Payment
FSB urges bigger companies to be prompt
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The "goods go out, money comes in" business model is a pretty well established one; it’s worked for thousands of …

A Focus On The Environment May Save Money
FPB advisor talks proactive approach, 5-10% of bottom line costs
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Earlier today, there was a small fire at Google’s UK headquarters, and the incident (in which no one was hurt, …

Back-To-School Shopping Season Not Over Yet
NRF thinks much more money will change hands

Believe it or not, the back-to-school season may not over.  Procrastinating shoppers probably annoyed you a month ago when you …