You Don’t Need A Presence On Every Single Social Media Network

If you’re a business owner, do you have a social media presence yet? Set up your Twitter account, added a …

Promotion Through Facebook
Using the Popular Network to Market Your Business

Social media has opened up many new doors for marketing. While it pays to be smart in how you actually …

Blurring the Lines Between Ads and Content
Engage Your Audience, Give Your Ads Wheels

The importance of how you spend your online advertising dollars has never been stressed as much as it should be …

Businesses Will Turn to Technology to Combat Economic Issues
Will You?

As you may have heard, our economy is not in the best shape, and small businesses are making many efforts …

SBMU: Thin Line Between Playing Social Media and Utilizing Social Media
Is it really that thin of a line?

Everyone involved in the Internet marketing space struggles. It is difficult especially when trying to implement social media into brick …

SBMU: Getting Started in Social Media
It's not hard... I promise
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Everywhere we turn we see a social media presence. Look at the recent Presidential election and how social media was …

SBMU: Reputation Management for Social Media
Protect your brand!

Social media allows for many lines of communication to be opened, but it also opens the door for negativity to …

eCommerce, Business Blogging, SEO, and Marketing: Tips and Tools
From experts at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in Chicago

A couple of our WebProNews reporters are in Chicago attending the Search Engine Strategies conference, and as a result, they’re …

Small Business Social Media Adoption
A Look at Startups and Their More Established Counterparts

Last week Vertical Response discussed results from a survey it conducted, which looked at how startups fare in adoption of …

Need Some Valuable Business-Building Info?

An inexpensive online PR campaign can be a highly effective way to market and promote your business. After all, few …

Small Businesses And Social Media

I am in transit coming back to NC from Las Vegas following my trip to PubCon which is presented by …

LinkedIn May Be Right for Your Business
The Social Nework of Choice for Many Business Owners

LinkedIn is the preferred social network of many business professionals. It’s not the only one by any means, and some …

Transparency Leads to Trust
Keep This In Mind Online
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Businesses are often hesitant to operate blogs and social media personas. They are also wary of how their reputations will …

Over Half Of Top 100 eTailers Use Facebook
Study Looks at Online Retail and Social Networks

Social media marketing is one of those things that just continues to spark debate no matter how well some businesses …

Small Businesses And Social Media

This month’s issue of flyte log is entitled Does Your Small Business Really Need a Social Media Strategy? I bring …

A New Advertising Opportunity from MySpace
Should Be Great for Small Businesses

MySpace just recently launched MySpace Music, a new service that lets users create their own playlists of songs, and offers …

Social Media Marketing and Blogging Advice from BlogWorld
Don't Overlook the Power of New Media

Reporters for our sister site WebProNews spent the weekend in Las Vegas, attending the BlogWorld Expo, as I mentioned here. …

Is Your Social Media Marketing Plan in Jeopardy?
Facebook Deleting Users

At SmallBusinessNewz, it seems like I’m always talking about how businesses should be using social media as part of their …

Businesses Not Quick to Jump on Social Media Bandwagon
Fear and Apathy the Main Reasons
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For all of the positive points that have been made about social media marketing (we’ve even discussed it a lot …

Ad Targeting is Great. Just Don’t Be Insulting.
Remember, you're selling to real people.

I read an interesting and thoroughly entertaining article this morning from Washington Post staff writer Rachel Beckman. In it, she …

Your Brand vs. the Brands You Represent

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Whether we believe it or not, everyone within an organization is at some level, responsible for Public Relations. Everything we …

Promote Yourself As A Brand

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Welcome to part 2 of my epic masterpiece on self-branding and promotion by utilizing social media. Last time, I wrote …