August 23, 2017


Getting Customers Without Google

February 4, 2008 Chris Crum

Let’s not be mistaken. Google is an incredible tool to get customers to find your business. There’s no question about that. Some might spend so much time worrying about Google, however, that they overlook other areas of the Internet that can be just as helpful in attracting customers. Social Media […]

How Often Should You Update Your Social Media Pages?

January 29, 2008 Chris Crum

This began as a reply to a comment that I got on my article "Don’t Let Social Media Marketing Work Against You". The commenter asks how often one should update their social media pages. As I was writing my response, it started to feel like it would lend itself to […]

Old Brands, New Technology, And The Personal Touch

January 25, 2008 David A. Utter

Companies of all sizes wrestle with the promise and the pitfalls of modern outlets like social media. It may be the old-fashioned touch that ends up working best. One may realize the Philadelphia Cream Cheese brand has been around for a while, but few know it’s been around for 128 […]

Don’t Let A Bad Reputation Drag Your Business Down

January 24, 2008 Chris Crum

About a month ago, a Pew Internet and American Life project study showed that over half of Internet users have never searched for themselves online. Now they are obviously not all business owners, but I bet that statistic would still be pretty startling. Having a good reputation is imperative to […]

Building Your Brand Through Social Media

November 1, 2007 Steven Bradley

 What associations do you make with social media where marketing and seo are concerned? Did you think of a site like Digg or StumbleUpon? Were you thinking about how you could get your content to the front page so first traffic and then links would flow into your site? Those […]

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