August 23, 2017

Communicating With Staff About Your Social Media Plans

We have talked about why to communicate with those internal to your company regarding your social media efforts, so let’s take a few minutes to talk about how to communicate the plan to your staff. You can decide if this communication is going to be one-way, letting them know your plan, or two-way, soliciting feedback and participation.

I would kick it off with a meeting to present your strategy, introduce the tools you will be using and go over any usage policies you are putting into place just so everyone is up to speed with what is going on and gives them an opportunity to ask any questions. The amount of detail you go into is totally up to you since you know your employees much better than I do. Go with what will make them comfortable without overwhelming them.

Also at the meeting I would encourage them to follow your social media accounts using their personal accounts to know what is going on and to get involved in your online community. If they are not using social media or have no interest in dealing with work on their off time, send emails with updates, add an area to your intranet (if you have one) or give updates in staff meetings and training.

The more you keep them up-to-date, the more likely they are to be enthused with the process and less likely to have a breakdown on the frontline, like we discussed a couple weeks ago. In that post, I also brought up the ideas of cheat sheets for those that interact with your clients the most. These can be simple instructions that are kept behind the counter or desk with information such as:

  • Social media account names
  • Current promotions
  • Basics of technologies being used to field questions

I know it sounds like a lot more work, but I truly feel that if you keep an informed staff, it will be much more of an asset in the future rather than a liability. What other ways could you use or are using?



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