June 27, 2017

Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead

Protect your valuable papers and your electronic data before something incredibly horrible happens to your small business.

Bad things happen to good small business owners. Some are minor annoyances, but others may render the business unable to operate. While small business owners may not be able to prevent the loss of information about sales, clients, or suppliers due to a disaster, they can plan ahead to recover from it quickly.

Safe deposit boxes may be tax-deductible for you; check with your tax person or accountant to be certain. Copies of essential paper-only documents need to be offsite in at least one location.

Far more data exists electronically: spreadsheets, customer details, inventory records. Fortunately, several options for backing up data automatically to an online service exist. A cursory search for online backup presents several options.

There’s no good reason not to protect the information that supports your business. Fees to backup data may be a tax-deductible expense, essentially giving you a small benefit on top of the peace of mind that today’s big sale isn’t tomorrow’s floating bit of cinders in the atmosphere after a fire.

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