August 23, 2017

eBay Trying to Lure Back Sellers?

eBayI posted about this at WebProNews already, but I think the information is worth sharing here too. eBay is enforcing policy changes (again), in what seems like a cry to get abandoning users back selling with the auction site.

Early in 2008, eBay made some notorious changes to its feedback policy that enraged many sellers. Basically, sellers were no longer allowed to leave feedback on buyers, but buyers could leave feedback on sellers. All hell broke loose and frustrated eBay sellers have been griping about it ever since.

Another common gripe has been over eBay’s favoritism of it’s own PayPal payment service. Now eBay seems to be rectifying both of these issues because they are starting to offer more payment methods as accepted and getting rid of the buyer feedback. Ecommerce Journal reports:

The move to change the Feedback policy was prompted by numerous requests made by the cross-border sellers who received negative comments from customers while there wasn’t actual fault with the merchants. Now eBay will be removing feedback if: the listing meets the Customs Requirements and/or the seller receives a negative or neutral Feedback comment, which references customs delays or customs fees. Merchants in turn are obliged to advise the buyers that import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility.

eBay says they will be adding Moneybookers and PayMate as acceptable payment methods beginning in February.

Based on the comments I have received on the WebProNews article so far (and I only posted it about an hour ago) it’s going to take more than this to win back a lot of the sellers they upset. Some are labeling these new changes meaningless.

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30 Comments on eBay Trying to Lure Back Sellers?

  1. This tiny change to the feedback policy will be completely irrelevent for most sellers. And what’s wrong with sellers accepting any form of payment they feel comfortable with accepting? This isn’t even a step in the right direction, eBay. At best, it’s moving sideways.

  2. your article contains an understandable spelling mistake in the second paragraph: ‘aloud’ when it should be ‘allowed’ 🙂



  3. Apart from the fees which were too expensive, I also had problems with other sellers using my photos to sell their own items, in direct competition with myself and pretend the one in the photo was what they were selling.

    Ebay stopped a couple of people and with drew the listings, but one seller had 3 of us complain about duplicating our listings, and openly competing with our own ligitimit items for sale. This was obviously fraudulent, when the items were individule pieces and not the ones shown for sale, yet ebay still refused to withdraw their listings.

    This same person was allowed to put a successful bid on one of my items, refused to pay for it, and then left ME bad feedback as revenge for my complaining about them. Again ebay were not helpful.

    That is yet another reason why I too stopped selling on ebay.

  4. Added this already on webpronews.

    Recently started an auction site with no fees for listing and low end of sale fees and if we we are going to try and get something set up where customers are the main people who say what goes on and what incentives should be available.

    Go on MYOMU today

    Make Your Own Mind Up or eBay?

  5. If ebay think these silly little alterations are going to tempt buyers back it shows they’ve learnt nothing over the past year or so.
    Buyers and sellers have had enough of the stupid and greedy changes so far and have deserted in droves.Some to other sites like ebid and some encouraged to start up their own ecommerce sites.
    The only realistic thing for ebay to do is go back to what it used to be,the car boot of the internet and to let those in Ebay towers,who want to turn it into a copy of Amazon,the chance to join Amazon by sacking them.
    Ebays reputation as a paradise for scammers and con artists and as a haven for counterfeit goods didn’t matter that much whilst it was still the place to get a good price for your stuff or offer the chance to get a bargain.Now like it’s customers,the bargains have gone and ebays like a rudderless ship on full speed ahead.The lifeboats have all gone,it’s all over bar the shouting.

  6. ebay will need to try a lot harder to lure its sellers back, there is nothink positive anybody can say about eBay anymore.

    eBay’s competitors are having a feild day with sellers discontent for the auction giant.

    eBay sales and visitor numbers are down and you can’t say its because of the credit crunch, not when eBay’s competitors sales and visitor numbers are up.

    eBay will be in big trouble in 2009 if it dos’nt reduce its seller fees and make it a proffitable venue for sellers.

    eBay still refusing to offer google checkout as payment option, that needs to be sorted out aswell.

    2009 should be an interesting year for online auction sites.

    Tip of the day "dont put all your eggs in eBay’s basket" there’s more choice out there.

  7. After 3 years a respected and welcomed PowerSeller you no longer qualify because your sales are $60 short of our 3 month requirements. Thank you Ebay for such loyalty. I have offered exceptional service and a quality product, but due to Ebay’s ineptitude and a slowing economy, I just dont make the grade anymore. After a least $13,000.00 in fees, I fell short by $60.00 in their sales quota. Well done Ebay, you’ve won my respect.

  8. Too little – Too late!

    Like many other ebay powersellers, I’ve started my own online selling arena at

    What we’ve found is we can carry on business as usually without eBay and without their crazy rules and high fees.   We can also accept checks, money orders and wampum if we so desire.

    Ebay made its mistake by using it’s Pavlovian carrots and sticks approach to swaying sellers to their wishes – In other words the company treats its sellers like dogs.

    Well now that all the great antiques and collectibles are vanishing from eBay and appearing on Google base (where we feed all our products) – eBay feels badly and is trying to backstep.   

    The funny thing is that eBay has really done less to make their site safe than they have to alienate their customers.

  9. I was a big power seller on Ebay selling all types of entertainment and sports items. Over the Ebay boom I made them millions of dollars but left them to start a stand alone website after they tried to regulate every little thing we did and then also wanted us to look over every payment and investigate it while they still took around 6%. They said we were liable unless we went through paypal then we could only get a refund if we bought insurance on each item for what the item was worth. Then of course it would still take 2 weeks to get your money back.

    Our paypal account was also hacked into during this time and we are on a secure computer with numerous firewalls and encryption techniques, this means that someone went thought the oppposite way to get the information they need to get into the paypal. When contacting paypals fraud team no one knew what they were doing and tried to trick us into cancelling the account so they were not liable. I am done with them and hope to see them fail, the place is full of fraud and Ebay does nothing to protect its buyers/sellers. It was a good idea when it first started but they never adapted and evolved from there late 90’s website technology.


  11. eBay just followed the same trend as the realestate market over inflate your self right out of business.Iincreasing the price until the sellers and the buyers are no longer there.. No one uses ebay anymore because Paypal eats your lunch with fees and ebay skims off the total. I have to admit I still search ebay when lookig for a deal but 9 times out of 10 I can find it on the internet cheaper. This was never the case 5 years ago you couldnt touch their low prices… They let it go to their heads kept raising the fees and drove everyone away with their out ragious policys and customer service SUCKS.. They lock your account down or kick out your entire store and a week later get an email with a link to policy page!!!! Surpirsed they lasted as long as they did!!!!!!!

  12. After nearly 22,000 sales and 773 purchases on ebay since 2003…we will NEVER buy or sell on ebay again as long as Donahoe remains CEO for the same reasons that have already been eloquently expressed by so many other folks.

    Immidiately after ebay made Best Match their default search engine our sales plummeted so drastically that it was no longer worth our time, effort and marketing dollars to continue using ebay’s seller platform. Couple that with absurd feedback changinges opening the door for buyer fraud, along with Ebay trying to take total control over ever facet of our business….we finally had enough ogf the crap.

    We closed both our ebay stores back in October, established our own ecommerce store along with a google merchant account. Between PPC advertising throguh google and yahoo along with promoting our website on social networks like facebook, squidoo, youtube and myspace, we have managed to develop far more sales and profits than we ever did at ebay. To increase our presence on the net, we also established a storefront at Ioffer which has resulted on a slow, but steady stream of sales and new buyer leads.

    We had full intentions on setting up a store at Amazon in 2008, but the Amazon isnt currently accepting new jewelry businesses

    Fortunately for us, nearly 1/4 of our ebay customers are repeat shoppers that are now shopping our website, and our SEO has been producing great results on both google and yahoo.

    Unless there is a CEO change at Ebay, we would never consider doing any business at ebay. We have lost all trust and respect for both Ebay & PayPal management.

  13. I am one of the sellers who left ebay. I used to give ebay 200-300 dollars of commisions pluss all the paypall charges untill they ignored my request to repair a malicious bad review on my sons store. Someone bought an item from him and returned it used and broken . He claimed he did not use it. and returned it because he did not want it. We returned his money less 10% restockingto to avoid trouble and he gave my son a negative review which we could do nothing about. I repatedly told ebay to fix this since a negative review to someone who is just starting spells death on ebay. They refused to answer my requests so I closed all my stores. It seem their management  might  have a college degrees but don’t have a clue about proper buisness practices.  I think they are going down without a government bailout.

  14. Paperless payments aren’t worth the hassle.

    My business only accepts checks and money orders.


    It’s the ONLY Fraud – Free way to do business.

    With the Economy going into a tail spin, credit cards are No Good anymore.

    As a Patriot, I won’t allow my fellow American to dig their credit trench deeper.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.




  15. I kept selling on ebay because I was used to it, it was default easy, I absorbed their abusive rules and increased fees because I was too damn lazy to do what I should have done years ago, and that’s build my own website and sell whatever I choose and take any form of payment I choose and live like a free person!

    The good news?  Once I "hit bottom", I (powerseller, 98.7%, 6,138 positive) stopped my ebay selling completely, shut down my ebay store, built my own website (that grows everyday) and am proud to say I have "kicked the habit". 

    Seven months, still "sober"…no ebay), and in December made more money than I ever made with my ebay store.  


    I have my dignity back!  No more absorbing ebay’s abusive fees, turning my cheek at their management condesention and hatred of sellers, and I don’t have to deal with just plain daily ebay stupidity in their rules and "customer no service".  ebays actions toward their sellers speaks so loudly, I can’t hear a word they say.  Dump them for your own sake and sake of your business. 

    Let me be your example.  If I can do it…believe me….anybody can do it!  You don’t need ebay.  Just take it one day at a time!  Keep the horse in front of the cart and Just Do It!

    Cheers to me!!!

  16. oh , so many complains on Ebay , oh ,my god !!! So what others the seller will opt ,when they leave Ebay ?

    Thank you for your share …

  17. Ebay is terrible. We will never use Ebay again. Amazon is wonderful and I would advise everyone to switch. Ebay will suffer due to their outrageous policies, and ridiculos fees.

  18. When you cut the roots the tree dies?

    I starting reading about this when I was just getting into marketing web 2.0 for my equine network as I was going to sell some things on ebay to promote the network.

    I had previously only sold stuff from my garage and a few other items to see if the had a demand.

    But with the fees going up, and the buyer feedback only I didn’t feel it was to my benefit to continue. Which obviously has opened the door for new and exciting opportunities for niche sellers.

    Selfish plug, I am starting an equestrian auction site for my niche, I know I wont get millions in listings but I will be able to get some.

    Thanks for the article and everyone deserves a second chance IF they look to the advice of the users.

    Equine Internet

  19. Thanks for your comment – what a testimony…"I have my dignity back."  eBay too lost me as a seller, I’ll never go back and suffer their anti-business and draconian policies anymore.

    I agree with this gentlemen wholeheartedly, get out of eBay now, while you can. Leave it to people that need an online garage sale to clean out their garage – that is what eBay management wants it to be.

  20. I now have my own Website.It is 100% customizable to the way I want it , I can list as many products as I want ,I have Google and amazon ads that I get paid for not ebay, and no HTML or programing is needed to change the site anyway I want. I offer Free online games ,news, weather, sports and more to my customers. Sales are graet! Iam very happy with it! Good bye EBAY!  If you want your own domain name and site then go to  to find out how to get yours.

  21. I now have my own Website.It is 100% customizable to the way I want it , I can list as many products as I want ,I have Google and amazon ads that I get paid for not ebay, and no HTML or programing is needed to change the site anyway I want. I offer Free online games ,news, weather, sports and more to my customers. Sales are graet! Iam very happy with it! Good bye EBAY!  If you want your own domain name and site then go to  to find out how to get yours.

  22. I am one of the garage sale sellers on ebay.  I sell baseball collectibles, pr wrestling collectibles, and fantasy baseball services.  Nothing big, just something to mess around with and earn a few extra bucks.  Lately, my items just aren’t selling.  I’m sure it’s part the economy, but the buyers just aren’t there like they used to be.

  23. I have been defrauded through Ebay even though I’ve paid close attention to a sellers repuation and I also am not satisfied at all with the network relationship they have with PayPal and how PayPal handles things on Ebay’s behalf when it comes to "holding" funds when you sell certain items on Ebay. Ebay doesn’t have a disclaimer that I saw that the money will be held if you sell things like cell phones. Boo on ebay

  24. Well, they having a town hall meeting tomorrow. If they really want the sellers back they could all commit suicide live on the web. It would get great ratings and bring back sellers.

    EBAY, get a clue: YOU ARE HATED.

  25. I feel that ebay has forgotten who made them what they are— small business owners! It was clear that they were headed down the path they are traveling when they bought Paypal. I knew it was just a matter of time. They get listing fees, they get money thru Paypal for each transaction and they will get the money for any checks. It’s sad when a company gets that greedy! Ebay is not the only auction I sell on. I hope that I can get rid of ebay totally eventually! I’m working on it. I am currently building my websites and hope to have them open soon.

  26. When bigcorps get too big these sort of policies begin to take over and not allowing ebay sellers to leave feedback and payment only via paypal has led to many people deserting this auction platform…

  27. If Donohoe gets hit by an 18 wheeler, I won’t get sad. If Ebay shots down, I’ll buy beer for everyone. I hate these NEW BREED OF BUYERS who buy then demand additional stuff, use extortion for discount and on and on… And as a seller what can you do??? Nothing… Haven’t bought inventory since March 2009 and have only few month worth of selling to clear up existing inventory, then I TOO AM A HISTORY. I heard on the radio, EBAY CUTS FEES TO LURE NEW SELLERS. Hey Ebay, WHY NOT TAKE CARE OF EXISTING SELLERS. As for this stupid DSR… ok, let’s not even get there…

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