August 23, 2017

Facebook Is The Place To Be For Online Marketing

In case you haven’t heard yet, Facebook is the new, “in place” to be for online marketing. The problem is, the vast majority of entrepreneurs and businesses jumping on the Facebook bandwagon have no idea how to do it right.

For example, I had a client recently ask me if it would be better to have a Facebook page instead of a dedicated Website for their business. Hello?!?! That’s so not what Facebook is about.

Firstly, since you don’t own your page, the wonderful folks at Facebook can decide to kick you off at any time if they think you’re behaving inappropriately—even if you’re not. This has happened to a few people I know who totally do not abuse the system. And it took them weeks to get their pages reinstated!

Facebook, however, is a wonderful place to reach out to a targeted group of potential customers, make contact and start conversations. It’s a place to share interesting info and build relationships. It is not a great place to sell your products and services.

That’s what your Website is for. So while you can certainly drive people from Facebook to your blog or Website it isn’t a replacement for your own site. So what are some of the ways you CAN use Facebook effectively to market your business?

1) Share interesting and useful stuff
If you have a blog, you can have your posts automatically show up on your Facebook page. And you can always post your own comments, or links to videos or blogs you find interesting, useful or entertaining.

2) Get a little personal
Facebook offers an amazing opportunity to share a bit about yourself and get to know others. Now obviously, there are some things you do want to keep private. But talking about books you’ve read, music you enjoy, causes you support, or even posting pictures from your latest vacation are wonderful ways to share more about you.

3) Interact
Unlike traditional advertising, Facebook is not a one-way street! You’re trying to build deeper connections and relationships. That means joining in on conversations by commenting on other people’s posts, and responding when people comment on yours. Asking questions. And reaching out to connect with others.

4) Create a vanity URL
Make it easier for people to find you, and for you to send them to your pages, by getting vanity URLs. That way the link to your page is instead of a crazy long string of characters.

To do this, go to Remember, your main page is for you personally. If you want a page for your business you need a separate fan page.

5) Give details
If you’re going to ask someone to be your friend on Facebook, be sure to let them know why or where you know them from. You’ll get a much better response if you do this versus just sending a blank friend request.

On a similar note, if you’re going to promote an event on Facebook like a free teleseminar, don’t just put “Free teleseminar” in the title. Share the topic. Very few people are going to waste time clicking the link to find out if it’s relevant to them.

Bottom line…A little bit of detail goes a long way towards getting people to respond to you.

These are just a few ways to make Facebook work for you. I’m sure there are loads more.



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