August 21, 2017

Facebook Now Has a Post Scheduler and an Admin Hierarchy

This one feature will certainly be welcomed by marketers who were struggling with third party posting tools. Facebook has added the ability to schedule posts on the time line. This feature is available to brand page admins who have defined the ‘Milestone’ of their company/brand/product being launched.

It is quite easy to schedule posts, and here is a quick tutorial on how to do it:

Step 1: On your Timeline, head to the sharing box right on the top and write an update or add a photo or video. Do not click on ‘Post’ just as yet. Look for the small clock on the lower left hand corner.

Facebook Now Has a Post Scheduler and an Admin Hierarchy!

Step 2: When you will click on the clock icon, you will see the option to ‘Add Year’ pop up.

Facebook Now Has a Post Scheduler and an Admin Hierarchy!

Step 3: After the year there will be a drop-down menu for month, date, hours and minutes. You can schedule posts at a 10 minutes interval. You can schedule posts for publication for up to six months in advance. The scheduler also takes you back in time. In other words you can also backdate posts to 2001. Use the backdate scheduling to mention previous successes, milestones etc in your brand’s profile. Backdated posts only have options for year, month and day.

Facebook Now Has a Post Scheduler and an Admin Hierarchy!

Step 4: After you have set the time for the update to be posted, simply click on the Schedule button on the lower right-hand corner.

Sounds great doesn’t it? But there is a flaw. Once the posts are scheduled, they disappear and you cannot go back to them or edit them or delete them till they have been actually posted.

Changes made in Admin Roles

Facebook has changed the way brand page admins work and has defined a set of sharper and clearly defined administrative roles. The new admin set up allows for a hierarchy in which every level has certain control on the page. The hierarchy is like this:

  • Manager
  • Content Creator
  • Moderator
  • Advertiser
  • Insights Analyst

This is the grid with which Facebook has defined the posts and roles of page admins:

Facebook Admins

Now all of these admins at different levels in the hierarchy will need to have their own personal Facebook account. Managers can edit administrators for a Page. And this is how they can do it: Edit PageàAdmin RolesàKey in the namesàClick Manager below the nameàGive the desired admin roleà

Facebook will ask for the password to be submitted before it accepts any administrative changes. What do you think of these new changes? Do share your views.



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2 Comments on Facebook Now Has a Post Scheduler and an Admin Hierarchy

  1. Honestly, I really see the positive ends in this move by Facebook. This will make administrative stuff more manageable. But that flaw that you have mentioned may be a pain if the scheduled posting is used relentlessly.

  2. It’s a great feature that allows social media managers to save up on time as well as schedule their posts properly. When misused, however, it can damage a brand because admins can’t go back to previously scheduled updates to make corrections.

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