August 21, 2017

Four Different Places To Recruit Staffers

Online job boards and newspaper classifieds suffered declines in advertising for help, making it essential that small businesses find new ways to reach the people they want to recruit.

Sites like CareerBuilder and Monster have their place, but perhaps not so prominently as they once did. Likewise, newspaper readership continues to fade, as people simply do not need to wait for a once-daily paper delivery or purchase to catch up on a small sliver of all the news available.

Without greater readership at either of those recruiting options, small businesses need to think a little more creatively about reaching new hires. A recent report by Classified Intelligence said hiring types consider recruits coming through online job sites to be of lesser quality than what they want.

That makes it important to adapt one’s approach to finding suitable employees. Based on the CI report, we have four suggestions for locating the next great worker.

1. Recruitment starts in the office: Research by CI found job sites and everything else takes a backseat to employee referrals. Ask the people who know your business who they would suggest as a job candidate.

2. Networking extends your reach: Whether through a business network like LinkedIn or a social network like Facebook, participants on these sites may know someone who knows someone else who would make a good candidate for a position.

3. Search marketing – it’s not just for sales: Through targeted search engine marketing, you can attract customers. Why not try to appeal to a potential employee by being on the screen when he or she searches for something in your niche?

4. Social media may reach a recruit: Quirky little videos and blog posts that gain attention from a virally-driven stream of visitors could bring a new staffer along for a visit. While you have their attention, why not let them know they could be working for the outfit that just attracted their notice?

Stretching to find good candidates may be an extra benefit from the work you do today to promote and extend the small business. If you have other suggestions, why not drop them in the comments below?

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