May 1, 2016

Getting the Most out of Your Analytics

Analytics can be very confusing and overwhelming. Most business owners recognize the importance of them but easily get bogged down with all the data. Fortunately, it is possible to make them more understandable. To do this, small businesses should start by establishing goals for their analytics.

Just as the above video explains, goals help clarify data. Web Analytics World lists the following as the 10 most popular goals for Google Analytics:

2. Social Bookmarking Actions
3. Newsletter Subscriptions
4. Catalog Requests
5. New Account Openings
6. Feed Subscriptions
7. File Downloads
8. Call Back Requests
9. Leads
10. Sales

Goals will vary from business to business, based upon individual business needs. That said, there are certain metrics that every business should be aware of and track. For starters, all businesses should pay attention to their conversions. By definition, the conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who take a desired action.

By tracking conversions, businesses know what pages are performing, where traffic is coming from, and more. This information helps businesses make improvements, which ultimately, leads to more sales.

Secondly, businesses need to track their referrers. Where are your visitors coming from? It could be that they’re coming from Google, Twitter, advertising, and many other places. By knowing this, businesses can apply more time and energy on the areas that are driving the most visitors.

Bounce rate is the third item that all businesses should track. This metric shows how many people leave a site after visiting a single page. A high bounce rate is not what businesses want and could signify that your sight is cluttered or ambiguous.

The fourth item businesses need to know about is abandonment. What causes a visitor to leave? By tracking abandonment, businesses can see where and when the visitor deserted his action.

Lastly, search keywords are another definite item businesses need to track. Because they are conducting very specific queries, the traffic that comes from search engines could be the most valuable visitors that websites receive. These visitors are more likely to action than visitors that just happen to land on a site.

Businesses need to know what keywords send traffic to their site and how they rank for them in order to make necessary improvements.

If businesses apply the information gathered from these basic metrics, they will have a greater understanding for what their visitors want and what improvements they need to make. Are you getting the most out of your analytics?

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3 Comments on Getting the Most out of Your Analytics

  1. I agree with every word – perhaps just one thing missing and that is to compare all of the above over time to track improvements (or a decline) in the key factors. Without temporal comparison, it’s all just a snap shot and you only get half (or less) of the full picture. We track our analytics month on month as well as quarter on quarter to identify longer term trends.

  2. I did not know this have an effect on my site.

    I learned alot today.

    I am really getting in love with this website, lots of great info.

    Viny, Can you explain a little, I use analytic just to track what else should i use for?  Thx 


    Thank You,

    LAB Computer

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