August 21, 2017

Goal Setting: How to avoid Groundhog Day

June is here and with it, comes a powerful reminder for all of us!

As we approach the middle of 2012, it’s a great time to look at the promises we made to ourselves and the goals we set in January, to see if we are on track or not.

Why bother?

For most small business owners, January is NOT the start of a New Year – it’s simply another chance to relive the same old year, over again. Many find they grow their business to a certain size and then reach a plateau, which they stay close to for the remainder of their career. They get frustrated, working harder and harder, yet making little meaningful progress. It’s like Groundhog Day, only there’s nothing at all funny about it.

Thankfully Groundhog Day can be avoided!

How to get back on track, starting NOW!

Most business owners fly out of the traps in January, focused and filled with inspiration for the year ahead. However, those who grow the most rewarding, successful businesses, maintain their focus and motivation throughout the whole 12 months. That kind of focus is what you and I need to apply right now, while there is still enough time for us to make any improvements or changes, in order to achieve our 2012 goals.

Go back and look at the goals, targets and promises you made at the start of the year. Recommit to doing what’s required, so you can achieve the progress you deserve. Learn what you need to learn. Get the help you need, in those areas where you need it. To help you, here are 9 useful tips to blow the lid off your potential, between now and December!


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  1. Jim Connolly is a successful small businessman i appreciate him.he is a great man .I always try to follow him.I also interested in small business.
    Thanks Jim Connolly

  2. Thanks for the reminder. January is when most of us plan our goals for the New Year. All to often we loose site of those goals by the end of the first quarter. It is never to late to get back on track and move forward to make the goal and dreams a reality.

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