July 24, 2017

Google to Release New and “Softer” Panda Update for Small Businesses Soon!

Google is working its way to the “next generation” Google Panda algorithm updates. Matt Cutts, Google's Head of Search Spam, announced at the Search Marketing Expo that this version of Panda refresh is supposed to be softer than the previous updates.

Google Panda was released with an aim to promote high quality content sites. Several sites were terribly affected by the search algorithm. The last update which rolled out in 2013 emerged as a a remedy for webmasters who were hit by the algorithm and helped them to claim recovery. The latest update, however, is targeted on small businesses.

According to Cutts, with the new update Google is planning to help small businesses perform better in the search results. Cutts confirmed that one expert in his team has been specifically assigned the task of assisting small websites improve ranking in the Google search results. Google has not yet specified when the new update will be rolled out to the users but according to what Cutts said at the Expo, we can assume that the Google team is still working on the overhaul and it might take some time before the update is actually rolled out.

Google Panda was released in 2011 and since then several updates have been introduced to the algorithm. It was dubbed as a “content quality filter” and webmasters had to remove low quality content, focus on authority and unique content and keep advertising ratio healthy in order to avoid any judgment by Google Panda.

Google announced last year that Panda algorithms will be pushed out every month over a period of 10 days. However, there was a bit of delay in pushing out the monthly updates as Google wanted to release signals that are more “soft” and “finely targeted”.


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29 Comments on Google to Release New and “Softer” Panda Update for Small Businesses Soon!

  1. The more the confusion. I know there are really sites with poor quality content which the Panda has hit and is still hitting. The term “High Quality” is sometimes confused. What about businesses from Non-English countries who try to compete with businesses from English speaking countries? Most of them either write contents for themselves (with spelling and grammatical errors.

  2. Thinking about it, previous panda didn’t affect any of my websites. Then again, the panda that hit just now didn’t affect them either. But the content doesn’t seem good enough to rank in top 5. How should I proceed?

  3. I think that this algorithm wasn’t that smart! Why do I think this? In the field that I am trying to go on first page, after the algorithm are sites without any links, with an awful text, with old designs and also with newer domains (less than six months).

  4. Finally my site will go start recovering! Phew i was so confused what hapend wit the big update that i was scared i wouldn’t index ever again!

  5. I hope google gets their act together this penguin update has ruined my site i used to be indexed at a high spot and now my site is gone i can’t believe they would do this to sites with more than 5 years of online history in their search engine…

  6. After the release of Panda some of my websites were absolutely down! From first page to… but last week 2 of my sites are back to page one. I still don’t get it! Is there anyone else with the same situation?

  7. This update screwed me up real good! But after alittle digging around i found out that if you send a disallow on link to google they react faster and fix most of what the new update did.

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