August 23, 2017

Has Your Blog Traffic Plateaued? Try These Strategies

Have you looked at your blog’s stats lately and noticed that your blog’s traffic is starting to plateau.

Blogging is not simple, it takes a lot of hard work to continuously come up with new ideas for content and blog promotion. I remember last year at this time there were some excellent blog promotion strategies, however even some of those suggestions have been over exhausted. Some of these useful but sometimes over used suggestions included:

* Creating top 5, 10, 20 lists

* Submitting your blog to blog directories and Dmoz

* Using your blog’s URL in your email signature

* Linking to your blog in MySpace

Thinking outside the box these days becomes challenging because the box is SO big. If you’re looking for something new, give some of the blog promotion strategies below a try. They may not lead to instantaneous traffic nor are they necessarily easy to implement, but they will help you build your brand and help grow your long term traffic:

1. When writing a blog post trying using full names of organizations, using organizations’ stock symbols and linking them to their Google Finance page (if applicable). Google Finance often has a section for blog posts related to an organization. If your post makes it onto a popular company’s Google Finance page you can expect some decent referrals.

2. Release a free PDF of your blog’s top posts or write a 4-5 part series on a given topic and develop that series into a PDF to give away for free. Within the PDF provide links for people to subscribe as well as information regarding advertisement opportunities.

3. Blogs such as the Google Blogs and Seth Godin’s Blog have trackbacks turned on, meaning if you link to one of their posts that blog post will automatically generate a link back to your original post. This strategy has to be done in the right context because I definitely don’t recommend linking to these blogs’ posts in irrelevant context or overusing this tactic.

4. Rather than simply linking to your blog within your Facebook profile, develop a community surrounding your blog by developing a Facebook group. This can really expand virally if you have a large network of friends.

5. Reignite past hot topics with updates. If you wrote about “How Google Makes Money” last year, consider writing a quarterly or year update to this post.

*BONUS: People absolutely love widgets and apps, so I am going to give you a suggestion for an app to build: FeedBurner offers an API which allows you to retrieve a given blog’s subscribers (if it’s enabled), I would love to see an app which quickly allows you to compare subscribers between bloggers or EVEN better take a page out of GoogleFight’s book and develop a FeedBurner Fight application.

The most fun and most difficult part of blog promotion is to be creative, although with millions of bloggers in the blogosphere it can become awfully challenging. To be successful, a blogger has to find their ‘zone’ and motivation, mine often comes when I start scribbling ideas on a piece of paper rather than typing them directly into my laptop. Sounds a little old school but it works.


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