August 18, 2017

Is Your Business Ready For Local And Mobile Search?

As more and more “Googlers” take to their phones or tablets to search for the products or services they need, many businesses are finding that they’re being left behind. Local and mobile search are two strategies that are absolutely necessary if businesses want to maintain a competitive edge.

With almost 40 percent of Google searches having local intentions, it’s critical to make the necessary changes in your business website to compete with other businesses.

The Importance Of Being Mobile-Friendly

What are your customers finding when they come to your website through a tablet or cell phone? Is your website mobile-friendly? Is it easy for them to navigate?

When mobile website visitors come across a mobile-friendly website, they are more likely to buy. They appreciate the fact that those businesses make their browsing experience fit their needs.

Companies who fit their customers’ needs, keep those customers and tend to grow faster. In fact 52% of mobile users say that when they encounter a site that isn’t set up for mobile browsing, they are less likely to do business with that company in the future. That’s a staggering statistic, but it’s an important one.

Your SEO Strategy

Your local SEO strategy is just as important as your mobile user strategy. Your customers will be searching for businesses within their local area – many times from their iPhone or Android mobile device.

Will your business be the one that pops up when they search for “car insurance in Chicago” or “bakery in Portland, Oregon”?

These changes are easy to make, and many businesses implement them by adding these new keywords to their blog post titles or by using them in other frequently visited pages on their website, such as the Homepage and the About Us page.

These are just a few of the important strategies your business needs to increase your customer base as well as your profits.


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1 Comment on Is Your Business Ready For Local And Mobile Search?

  1. Good simple to the point article about the need for mobile enabled pages or sites. I fully concur as I have been getting this same ‘Drift’ on mobility from my many web resources as a developer myself.

    Sad truth is however; 99.5% of all sites on the web are NOT mobile ready and many can NOT be made mobile friendly due to very poor decisions in the overall design process from the start.

    Tables, Flash, Adding Facebook buttons, or twitter buttons, and even Google+ buttons all will make the site non mobile friendly. Remember MORE than a total of 20k in total size upon loading is a no no for mobility today (and many pages are 10 times larger than that).

    We know a few things in this regard (check out site for proof) but many site owners/web designers are clueless regarding mobility today 🙁

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