June 27, 2017

Keeping Employees Up To Speed

A lot of employees don’t need much data in order to do their jobs properly.  They perform the same tasks, regardless, and aren’t affected by whatever else is going on.  There’s still a lot to be said for sharing information with them, however.

Have you heard about how Red Herring’s employees were evicted from what was ceasing to be the company’s office?  Maybe the employees were expecting this development, and if they weren’t, maybe letting them know would only have caused people to suffer strokes and/or quit.

On the other hand, if the employees didn’t know about the eviction, maybe cluing them in would have caused someone to come up with a great, company-saving idea.

Hopefully you’re not about to lose your headquarters, but you can still weigh the pros and cons of sharing information concerning things like sales goals.  People who spend 40 hours a week doing something are bound to have a few opinions about it.

Mike Kraus writes, "The more information you share, the less room there is for gossip, for rumors and for employee dissatisfaction.  Information is power but only when it’s shared and all employees are working with the same collective body of information."

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