August 23, 2017

LivingSocial Opens Doors to Offline Facility

LivingSocial is a well-known coupon and daily deals site that offers its customers/viewers instant savings and deals for products and services offered by local and small businesses within the customer’s area. LivingSocial is also a big competitor to the other well-known savings site of Groupon. A long battle of competition exists between these two websites.

Recently, LivingSocial opened doors to a new “offline” facility in downtown Washington D.C. Within the past four months that LivingSocial’s physical facility has been opened, the building has hosted 50 events (source: AllThingsD) spanning various multidisciplinary topics, such as iPhone-related classes to yoga instruction.

Do not think that LivingSocial built its own new building from scratch. The daily deals website moved into a historic Washington D.C. building, remodeled to keep the vintage look and feel of its original motive with a little bit of a modern flavor mixed into it. For example, in many places throughout the building, there are exposed brick walls and antique chandeliers, along with modern-style bamboo floors and flat-screen televisions.

Tim O’Shaughnessy (LivingSocial’s cofounder and CEO) declared the following statement in a presentation earlier this year about the future of his product:

“In a three-to-five-year timeframe, I want LivingSocial to be a tab that you keep open in your browser all day long. We think that there has to be that integrated commerce platform for local commerce, and we really hope it’s LivingSocial.”

LivingSocial has even bigger plans for this new venue, such as productions, and they also are considering expansion onto the building as well.

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  1. This offline facility has amazing potential to establish the brand’s presence in the offline world, as well as build a solid community around the company. It’s a good investment that can expand Living Social’s clout.

  2. LivingSocial co-founder and CTO Aaron Batalion stepped down from his post on March 2013. January 2014, co-founder and CEO Tim O’Shaughnessy announced his resignation and by July 2014, it was announced that his replacement would be Gautam Thakar, who was then the CEO of at eBay.

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