Localeze Thinks Your Listing Needs Attention

Not all local search results are equal

In a time when roughly three-quarters of local searchers start their hunt for nearby businesses at a search engine, some businesses could be missing those queries.

Out of date location or contact details for a local business happen in printed yellow pages directories. The lead time from creating one to the next leaves a lengthy gap into which a business may fall.

The promise of the Internet means such data does not have to live statically until the next print run. However, when it comes to local search, the data engines pull from sources may come from some places that a small business owner missed when updating details.

David Dague of Localeze showed us during an interview how big search engines pull that local information out of specialized databases, as well as how listings from other local search sites appear in the results pages. Those other listings come from different databases as well.

In order to have a consistent and accurate listing, Dague cited the need for decent online content management across these local platforms, something which Localeze, a division of TARGUSinfo, offers through its network of over 85 local search engine publishers.

The need for such a service, and we’re certain competitors will vie for this niche, looks obvious for small business. A local search they may not realize exists could be a top-five result for their business in a list of search results from a Google or a Microsoft query, for example.

If that unknown listing happens to be out of date, and a potential customer relies on that information and missed connecting with a business, it’s a missed opportunity. Dague thinks Localeze can be the single source that resolves the issue of different sources of business listings.

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