July 21, 2017

Make Sure Your Site’s Ready for Holiday Traffic

New data released from Hitwise indicates that online retail traffic has begun to slow and suggests that it will continue to do so into the holiday season. "These declines are the only drops in retail traffic that have occurred this year and reflect the reaction of consumers that have pulled back on spending in the current economic climate," says Heather Dougherty on the Hitwise blog.

Retail Traffic Sinking

The data is somewhat contradictory to findings from a different survey though – this one from The E-tailing Group. In fact, they find that online holiday shopping is likely to surpass in-store shopping even though consumers plan to buy fewer gifts due to the economy. Some key findings from this survey include:

– 49% say they plan to do their gift buying online

– 44% say they will do it in stores

– 52% plan to buy fewer gifts this year

– 88% cite "saving time" as their reason for online shopping

– 84% cite "locating hard-to-find products"

– 83% cite a "greater selection"

– 83% also cite "avoiding crowds at the mall"

"Although the Internet is now the shoppers’ channel of choice, economic pressures are making the stakes high for merchants. They need to continually learn from and react to their customer’s multi-channel demands," said Kelly O’Neill, eCommerce Marketing Director for ATG. "It is imperative that practical solutions be deployed wisely throughout the holiday season and into 2009."

Think about the reason people are saying they want to do their shopping online. The biggest reason is to save time. This makes it abundantly clear that you need to have your site’s usability in order. Guide them through the checkout process. Make it easy.

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2 Comments on Make Sure Your Site’s Ready for Holiday Traffic

  1. It just makes good sense during this Christmas season, more than any other, with gas prices where they are and the economy what it is, to do more shopping on line. My safety and security products may not be everyone’s choice for gift giving but they are not readily found at your local Walmart or department store so shopping on line for them is the best way to go. Thanks, Chris, for another timely article.

  2. It isn’t that they aren’t going to buy less they will just buy it as cheaply as they can.   I got an article talking about Black Friday ads and who has them.  I am betting people will do it that day for sure.   Check it out:

    With Black Friday for 2008 quickly approaching!!

    It talks about where you can find the best deals!!  I have also been watching people get laid off and have articles on that too!!  I am sure everyone is worried about the economy these days.

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