May 26, 2017

Marketers Need To Understand Online Video Personalization in 2012

Online video is known to generate traffic and increase conversion rates. However, many marketers fail to understand the full potential of online video. This year, online video will be used to deepen the brands’ relationship with customers, provide them with a customized shopping experience and turn customers from shoppers to brand advocates. With new technology called SmartVideo, the personalized online video will come alive in 2012.

You know that video helps your brand get found online. You understand that shoppers are attracted to the ease videos provide. In 2012, video personalization will combine the benefits of online video with those of personalized marketing. This combination will allow your brand to market with video that is highly relevant to each customer. The personalized videos connect with customers by displaying tailored messages with offerings that are relevant and unique, in real-time.

• Tip: Personalized videos can be used throughout the customer lifecycle, anywhere on the site and beyond. You can provide each customer with a tailored video message that is most relevant to where the customer is on his journey: searching, researching, analyzing, buying or experiencing.

Personalized videos also offer viewers the attention and service associated with the in-store shopping experience. Using personalized videos allows e-businesses to bridge the gap between live and virtual experiences. Personalized video allows your brand to provide better customer service, build customer loyalty and brand awareness, increasing customer lifetime and overall return on investment. Personalized video allows the user to engage with the brand in less time than it takes to read a non-personalized landing page.

• Tip: Personalization allows you to connect with the user throughout the video, embed multiple call-to-actions in the video and measure its success.\

One of the many benefits of online video personalization is that it can be used throughout the customer lifecycle. Below are three ideas that you can implement in 2012:

1) Personalized product showcases

Product showcase videos share all-around product information, enhance SEO efforts and increase traffic to product pages. Conversion rates are increased when a customer is presented with a product he wants or needs, and the products’ features are quickly shown. Personalized product showcase videos, presenting recommendations based on user’s segment and browsing history, increase purchase intent by as much as 10 percent.

2) Retargeted pre-roll video ads

Retargeted pre-roll ads are an effective form of targeting customers. With retargeting, customers are shown ads to a website that they previously abandoned. The ads will detail products the customer reviewed or added to their shopping cart and direct them back to the site for purchase. Retargeted pre-roll ads outperform traditional retargeted banner ads with higher conversion rates and often with above-average order value, leading to a 200 percent return on ad spend (ROAS). According to eMarketer, retargeting ads produces an upsurge in website visitation of 726 percent, more than double any other form of advertising. Retargeted customers are 70 percent more likely to complete a sale than other visitors.

3) Personalized email campaigns

An increasing number of e-businesses are using personalization in their confirmation emails, newsletters and other mailing campaigns. Customers want a personal connection, and online video is one of the most effective ways marketers can address customers in a personalized manner. With personalized videos, customers feel appreciated by viewing a video that addresses them by name and offers relevant promotions and suggestions based on their shopping histories. Customers value the personalization and the cross-sell and up-sale percentages are increased by as much as 20 percent.

In 2012, personalized video can help you succeed in your marketing challenges, win new prospects and retain current customers. Remember the following takeaways in the New Year:

With personalized video, e-businesses can target the messaging to catch prospects’ and customers’ attention and encourage brand engagement. These videos typically generate higher conversion rates, raise customer value and increases overall profitability. Additionally, personalized videos are created on-the-fly, allowing your brand to take advantage of real-time data. This year, with the help of online video personalization, your brand can offer unique information to every customer, at the most relevant time during the customer lifecycle.


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Yaniv Axen, co-founder and chief technology officer, SundaySky.

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  1. Hi ho, It’s good to read about latest developments in online marketing, but I sometimes have to chuckle about how things ‘go around, and come back again’. Personalisation was first pioneered in the early 70’s – on Direct Mail (print) promotions, and certainly worked then. It’s good to see the old, proven methods enjoying a resurgence in the digital age, though, and personalsed videos should be the next step logical step in truly captive promotions. And when they also can include your name like: (‘Hi ANDY, we know you’re interested in (XXXZ) and thought you might like to know that (XYZ) is now available at 25% off…’) – that would be even better in getting a great response. It’s a bit like the ‘pop-up exit banners’ on Websites; these are exactly like the ‘Don’t Say No’ printed slips we used to insert in targeted Direct Mail (print) mailings! There are more DM things that could be re-developed for the web, too, as we’ll be writing about on our ‘Write2Profit’ Writer’s Website. It really is ‘Back To The Future’ – and nothing is really ‘new’. But it’s an exciting time for marketers, none the less!

  2. Great article and have to agree in a broader sense.  Personalization in all sorts of mediums will engage your audience at a deeper level.  Of course as with email campaign personlization, etc  you don’t want to go overboard as it can feel staged and not authentic at some point.  Anyone else ever get an email where they over use your first name 5 too many times?  🙂

  3. At least compared to other formats of online video or television. Weigh the cost of making a slick TV commercial with actors, a set, props, a big crew, and the ad time needed to air it versus twenty-five or so viral videos.

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