August 21, 2017

More Small Business Success Telesummit Tips

Thanks to all the powerful, business-building tips shared by the experts at the Small Business Success Telesummit, I could write an entire book. Instead I’m dedicating this, the second of two articles, to sharing ideas from each of the speakers with you. That way, even if you weren’t able to make the live calls, you can still benefit from the wisdom of the 12 fantastic small business experts who participated.

So today we continue with golden nuggets from the second half of the Telesummit:

1) Paulette Ensign, “The Booklet Queen”, shared so many priceless ideas about creating tips booklets and using them to market yourself and your expertise it’s hard to choose just one. In fact I have a whole list of ideas I’m going to incorporate from this interview alone! But if I have to pick one, and I do, it would be:

The seven ways to use one tips booklet…

Create a print version; Turn it into a PDF; Record it as an audio; Burn it to a CD; Turn it into an autoresponder series; Create a card deck; Reformat as a journal with one tip per page; Flesh it out into a print and electronic book.

2) PR Expert Nancy Juetten gave us her foolproof formula for creating a compelling bio. Simply combine: stunning results, a succinct story, sassy sound bites, and social information to help them connect with you. Mix all these parts together to take your bio from boring to better than the rest.

3) From Erin Blaskie, the head of my VA firm, comes some sage words of advice on getting started delegating to Virtual Assistants and other professionals…

You want to give your new team, even if it’s virtual, the time to get to know you and the time for you to get to know them. And a lot of people kind of give up early thinking it’s not working…The team isn’t getting me.

But if you think about getting a normal job outside of the entrepreneur world, you get like a two to three week training period, right? Same thing when you outsource. It’s going to take time to learn how to work together and what you both want and need to achieve your goals. You have to give it time to really allow that natural relationship to grow.

4) Leanne Hoagland Smith, the “The Results Coach”, hit the nail on the head when she talked about the power of knowing the numbers then planning to reach them…

Making sales is all about knowing the numbers. For example, let’s say you go out and speak locally for free, or a very nominal amount, and consistently get one client worth $3,000 annually each time. If you want to make $36,000 more this year, you need 12 new clients. That means doing one speaking gig a month.

So you break it down that way. Once you know what a client is worth annually, and how many you can bring in or work with, you can easily make a plan to reach your financial goals.

5) Nancy Fox, consultant and founder of HUBstreet social networking site, and I talked in depth about your personal brand. And the conversation couldn’t have been more timely, because while your personal brand has a huge impact on all your marketing, it’s especially critical when it comes to your social networking efforts.

So what is your personal brand? According to Nancy, it’s far more than just a tagline…It’s your mission, personal values and the benefits of working with you all rolled into one and represented by everything you do, say, wear and provide.

6) My own topic was how to get more marketing done and grow your business—while still having a life—by outsourcing to Virtual Assistants. And today I’m going to share two of my tips on this subject that I believe can have the biggest impact on you:

1 – In order to outsource happily, you have to understand that while someone else may not do things the way you would, there is a good chance they’ll actually do it better.

2 – Outsourcing doesn’t always go as planned…Not everyone will be a good fit for you, your needs or your working style. And some folks are just plain flaky (Plus, you have to learn to outsource correctly. But that’s a whole ‘nother topic.).

Rather than get discouraged, keep in mind that finding good people to outsource to is a lot like dating—you’re likely going to have to kiss a few frogs to find a prince (or princess).

Or, get all the juicy, business-building info from 12+ hours of interviews and lectures now and start applying them to your business right away!



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