July 24, 2017

Old Management Ideas and Practices That Won’t Die

You can’t talk about the future of work without referring to many of the old and outdated management practices that are still the standard in most companies around the world. Oddly enough most of the people who created these management ideas and practices are now dead. What does it say about our companies and managers when we continue to build upon ideas, principles, and philosophies that are not relevant anymore? Management practices were created to be used during their present time during the then present condition. Much has changed in just the past 5-10 years so shouldn’t the way we manage and lead our companies change as well?

We are too comfortable with staying the course and keeping our heads above water. We innovate during catastrophes to bring us back to the way things used to be but we have a hard time innovating when things are going well. The companies of the future aren’t going to be focused on staying the course and keeping their heads above water, they are going to be focused on flying above the water.

We can’t build new companies or evolve existing ones until we question the ways they are led and managed. Outdated and obsolete management practices are all around us.

  • If it isn’t broken then why both fixing it? Let’s not reinvent the wheel
  • You have to come into the office from 9-5
  • You will get performance reviews once or twice a year
  • Must create weekly status reports

What are your favorite management practices that just won’t seem to die?

The good news it that this is all changing. Companies still implementing these are the companies barely keeping their heads above water, my advice to them…take a deep breath.


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  1. “If it isn’t broken then why both fixing it?”

    Seems proofreading is about to go out of style too?

    Some of these practices came about for valid reasons. I would caution against changing just for the sake of changing.

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