June 27, 2017

Over Half Of Top 100 eTailers Use Facebook

Social media marketing is one of those things that just continues to spark debate no matter how well some businesses do with it. Business owners often have questions like:

– Won’t this slow my employees’ productivity?

– Is it really worth my time and money?

These are valid questions, but the answers aren’t always clear. There are both pros and cons to using social media for business purposes, but more appropriately, there are variables as I discussed here. When it comes down to it, it just depends on a variety of factors.

Still, there is no question that many businesses are reaping the benefits, and many others are trying, even if they have yet to see solid results. Some of those who are not seeing benefits might be expecting results without putting enough effort into their social media strategies.

"It’s important that retailers don’t just slap up a page because everyone is talking about Facebook," says Rosetta Partner Adam Cohen. "An effective presence requires that you carefully consider what your customers are looking for, what you would like to communicate, and what role a fan page should play in your overall online strategy."

Rosetta is a firm that conducted a study recently focusing on the top 100 online retailers in the United States. According to that study, 59 of them had Facebook fan pages (only 30 had them in May). Emarketer looked at the study and provided the following chart for those businesses:

30 Major US Online Retailers that Have a Fan Page on Facebook, May 2008

So over half of the top 100 online retailers are using Facebook. I wonder how many of the remaining half are using other social networks. Many consumers expect to find companies on social networks, so that’s something to think about. They also appear to like ads on their social networks.

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3 Comments on Over Half Of Top 100 eTailers Use Facebook

  1. Interesting.  Where does one start with a facebook page?  I have already invested almost all the information possible on soap nuts.  If I duplicate the content on Facebook, wouldn’t it hurt my Google rankings for not having unique content?

  2. Social marketing isn’t about the content on your FaceBook or MySpace page, that’s on your web site. It’s about meeting people, making friends and chatting up your products or services with them when appropriate. That’s the most important thing to remember.

    You wouldn’t go to a cocktail party, dinner or round of golf and put your advertising on your sleeve or start each conversation off with a sales pitch. If you did this enough, you’d probably find yourself without any more functions to attend and that’s true with internet social marketing as well.

    I’ve used social marketing for several months now to raise awareness for my safety and security web site and it’s products. I’ve met some great people, made hundreds of friends as well as business contacts and sold some products.

    It’s fun and takes some time but is basically free!  I learned early on not to focus on selling but to focus on the people I meet, getting to know them and helping them out with a product or two as the situation presents itself.

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