August 24, 2016

Small Biz Expert Proposes “Business Breaks”

August 3, 2010 Doug Caverly

Pretty much everyone accepts that vacations make people feel better.  The ability to get away from it all and relax helps folks recharge.  Only it may be possible to take a sort of vacation and stay productive by going on a "business break." Emma Jones, the founder of Enterprise Nation, […]

How References Could Lead to Business Growth

August 3, 2010 Abby Johnson

Does your business have good references? No matter what your answer is, it is a humbling thought. When most people think about references, they often think about job resumes or service inquiries. But in reality, solid references are just as important to businesses as they are to jobs and services. […]

Using Facebook To Market Your Business

August 3, 2010 Lyndi Thompson

After posting recently on’s fan page I noticed a link under the post that said “promote”. Sure, I have created Facebook ads before however this time I was curious and decided to dive in and buy my first advertisement on Facebook. Step by step screen-shots of the whole […]

U.S. Executives Positive On Business Outlook

August 2, 2010 Mike Sachoff

U.S. executives continued to express stronger optimism for improved business activity over the next 12 months, compared with their European counterpart who project flat conditions, according to a new survey by KMPG International. U.S. manufacturing executives continued to show the strongest sentiment among 6,200 respondents worldwide, with 73 percent expecting […]

Small Biz Employment Factors Improve In July

August 2, 2010 Doug Caverly

July was an all-around good month in terms of small businesses and employment, judging by the latest Intuit Small Business Employment Index.  Three key measurements all improved to varying degrees, essentially leaving more people working more often for more money. Small business employment grew by 0.2 percent, which is down […]

Small Business Owners Confident Despite Economy

July 30, 2010 Mike Sachoff

Small business owners are signaling confidence in their own businesses despite their belief that the economic recession will continue into next year, according to the 2010 U.S. Bank Small Business Annual Survey. The survey found small business owners are resilient survivors who are always on the go. They make time […]

Forrester Warns Marketers Away From Foursquare

July 30, 2010 Doug Caverly

When shopping for a sporty car, most people will settle for "good" – a new Mustang, for example – or maybe "great," in the form of a Nissan GT-R.  But folks tend not to save for Ferraris that cost more than a house, and similar to the way those cutting-edge […]

3 Stages of the Business Cycle

July 30, 2010 Abby Johnson

Every business goes through phases and emotions. Although some vary from businesses to business, there are 3 distinct stages that every business will face at one time or another. More SmallBusinessNewz Videos Some of these phases are good, and the others aren’t so good. However, the above video explains that […]

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